It was just another day at the auction for me, but I wouldn't ever think that this day would change my life.


3. Three

“You don’t have to be such an asshole, Zayn. Get your head out of your ass.” I scoffed, taking a bite of my taco and swallowing it after several seconds of chewing. I felt a sting of pain in my wrist, I look down to see Zayn’s hand gripping it tightly. “Let the fuck go of my wrist.” I growl, glaring at him. “Apologize.” The girl was staring at Zayn, fright bright in her eyes. “Zayn, I apologize. No stop. You’re scaring that girl.” I looked at him, looking at my reflection in his eyes.

He rolled his eyes and let go of my wrist, sitting back. “Anyways Harry, I would absolutely love to be able to call you mine.” I smiled at him, taking his hand in mine. “Well Maddie, I am now yours...even if its a bit soon.” I giggled and continued to eat. “Alright, I’m done.” I told Harry as I crumbled up the taco paper and threw it in the bin.

“Alright, so I will do my shopping, and you can do yours?” I raised my eyebrow at him in a questioning way. “No no no no, I have to pay for your things and, wouldn’t want anybody hitting on you would we?” I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh. “Ugh are you kidding, being all owny and stuff already?”

“Owny isn’t a word love.”

“Shutup!” I yelled, loud enough for him to hear but not loud enough for the entire mall to hear. “Fine, i’ll shutup. But we’re still sitting through eachothers’ shopping.” He grinned and released his hand from mine. I frowned a bit at the sudden emptiness. We walked into Jack Willis, Zayn following and the girl he was with following behind. I watched as Harry grabbed a purple hoodie, knowing exactly what he wanted. I felt my hair tickling my neck slightly. Okay, So I have this thing, and its a really annoying thing. I cannot stand feeling my hair tickling my neck when its put up, unless i’m at home.

I bent over, taking the hair-tie out and letting my hair fall. I quickly put it back up, walking with Harry over to the checkout. “Why do you have a pair of shorts?” I asked him, eyeing the cloth pair of pajama shorts. “Because, you need to start wearing pants and shorts that aren’t jeans.” He let out a laugh. I shook my head and took his bag off the counter, him not seeming to notice it just sitting there. We went to several different stores, Harry and Zayn seeming to need thousands and thousands items of clothing. Harry bought me several items of clothing without asking, I wasn’t mad..I just didn’t like being spoiled. I wasn’t used to it at all, I was used to getting one thousand dollars every 5 years. Or however long the contract lasted.

Did I not tell you about the contracts? Well its pretty simple, before you and your ‘owner’ leave the auction your owner has to sign a however long year contract. Its usually every 5 for me, but it varies. After that amount of time, you get paid $100-$1,000. Simple as that, unless your owner gives the company atleast 20,000 dollars to keep you. Then’re free.

I looked up at the sky as we exited the mall, the sun was high up in the sky, heating up the Arizona desert quickly. Rocks, dirt, and other things made crunching sounds beneath my feet as I walked to the car. I put the bags in the trunk and climbed over the back of the seat, sitting down. “Thanks for buying me a bunch of pointless clothing, Haz. Now I can burn all the other stuff.” Harry gave a chuckle while Zayn had a slight smile.  “Anytime babe.”

“So um, do you have a phone? I’ll need some way to keep intouch with you while i’m at work and when i’m busy.” Harry asked my as I came downstairs from finishing putting away my new things. “No.” I answered him, walking into the kitchen. “Hey, where are the cups. And do we have something to drink?” I spoke right before he could answer.  “They’re up in the left cabinet, and I’m gonna go and buy you a phone tomorrow. Alright?”

“Ugh no! You already bought me enough stuff!”

“Maddie, i’m buying you a new phone. Thats final.”

I groaned but didn’t say anything else, afraid of what he would do if I made him angry enough. Zayn opened the door, waving goodbye to Harry and walking out with the girl he brought home. Wow, that was fast. Probably just a blowjob. I thought to myself and let out a laugh at my stupidity. The fridge was full of several food and drinks, I grabbed the pitcher of Kool-Aide and poured it into my cup. The fridge slowly began to close as I put the pitcher back.

I took a sip out of the cup and sat it back on the counter, walking over and sitting with Harry. “So..are you sure about this? The whole relationship thing..?” I asked him. He let out a large sigh.

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