It was just another day at the auction for me, but I wouldn't ever think that this day would change my life.


6. Six


“Oh well erm, she's a family friend..” Harry trailed off, not bothering to continue the lie. “Oooh how did he ask you out?!” Liam asked, pausing his movie. I smiled at his sudden interest. “Well I was sitting at the food court with him, stuffing my face with Taco Bell. Very unattractively I might add, his exact words were “So..Maddie, are you single?” and I answered no, so then he asked “Well would you like to be..not single?” So I told him that I would absolutely love to call him mine. And here we are today.” I smiled, telling the short story and leaving out the unimportant details that would give away the lie. “Aw! Thats so cute, I always knew Harry had a sweet side!” Louis gushed, hitting Harry playfully on his shoulder. Harry's cheeks were a bright red as he stared down at his lap, his lips turned into a playful smile.

“Hey Liam, can you go get me a drink?” Louis looked at him, putting out his bottom lip. “No, you go get me something to drink.” Liam protested, unpausing his movie and staring at the screen. “Ugh, you suck.” Louis whined, getting up and walking to the kitchen. “Yeah I do, and you like it!” I let out a giggle at Liam's comeback. Liam get off the couch and walked over to Louis, the credits for the movie rolling down the screen, leading to the screen to go black.

“Before you guys get all mushy, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall with Maddie and I to buy her a new phone?” Harry asked the two boys that were sitting on the island in the kitchen. “Yeah, sure. What time?” Louis asked, breaking the kiss with Liam. “We were just fixing to go. So uh, we can give you some time to go get ready.” They both nodded and raced upstairs. “Harry, I just realized that i'm not wearing shoes...” I trailed off, looking at my bare feet. “We can stop at the house and you can get your shoes there.” I nodded.

The boys came down hand in hand, Louis was in a black and white striped v-neck with red jeans, while Liam was in a baseball shirt and jeans. Harry stood up after me, opening the door. I followed Louis and Liam out to the car, sitting in the back. Liam sat in the passenger seat, giving Louis a kiss on his cheek.

“So babe, what kind of phone do you want?” Harry asked me, browsing the several phones that were on display. “Just..a normal one I guess.” I shrugged, looking at several of the phones. “How about this one?” Harry held out a Blackberry curve, fitting it right into his palm. “No, its a bit too small. I'll loose it.” I told him, leaning on his shoulder. “I'll just get you the new Iphone. Alright?” I nodded, too lazy to protest.

We went up to the cashier, I continued to stare at my feet until I heard my name being said. “ that you?”

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