It was just another day at the auction for me, but I wouldn't ever think that this day would change my life.


7. Seven


"Oh my god, Dylan?!" I yelled at some-what tan boy, grinning widly. "Who else would ever be as perfect as this?" He stuck his tongue out. "Absolutely nobody." As I embraced him into a hug I heard a growl come from Harry. I kicked Harry in the leg, causing him to fall. "Someones a bit clumsy, aye?" I joked releasing  from mine and Dylan's hug. "So Mad, who's this kid?" He asked, using a my nickname from when we were kids. "This is Harry, my boyfriend." Dylan's smile faded, but he quickly covered it up with a grin, his white teeth practically shining in the light. "Wow Mads, I never thought you would get a boyfriend. Wanna get some Hungry Jacks with me and Risa later?" I gasped, 100% surprised that he had a girlfriend. He had always seemed like the gay type.   "Yeah, sure, but for now can you ring up my phone and help us get it turned on and stuff?" He nodded and rang up the phone, grabbing paperwork from one of the glass cases behind him. He sat it on the counter along with a pen. "Uh, just fill this out and you should be set." His Australian accent still thick even after living years in America. Harry grabbed the pen and quickly began to fill out his information, obviously more than pissed with me. "You're monthly bill will be 169 dollars, counting unlimited web, text, and calling." Dylan gave his hair a flip and handed us an Apple bag with the receipt. "I'll see you later!" I yelled, walking out of the store. Dylan chuckled and gave a wave. "You're going to get it so fucking bad when we get home!" Harry growled once again, leading us to the food court. "Ooh, what are you gonna do? Spank me?" I teased, putting my bottom lip out. "C'mon Harry, i'm not fucking five anymore."   "You shouldn't be so kinky in public, its not cute." Louis joked, making me jump because Liam and him were as quiet as mice in the store. "I want a bottle of Vitamin Water!" I stomped my foot, Harry being an ass and not buying me anything to drink. "Louis, can you buy me a bottle of Vitamin Water?" I looked at Louis, batting my eyelashes. He pulled out his wallet, handing me a five dollar bill. "Thank you!" I hugged him and ran/skipped to the freezer that had a variety of different soda pops and waters. I grabbed the red bottle of Vitamin Water and walked to the cashier, giving him the five dollars and taking my receipt and change. "Have a good day!" I smiled, going back to the three boys. "Keep the change, love." Louis handed the four dollars back.    I was sitting on the couch at Harry's flat, waiting for him to get back from dropping Louis and Liam at their apartment. As the door opened I took a sip of my water, placing it on the table. "What the fuck was that at the mall, Maddie!? Who is that Dylan kid?!" Harry began to yell. "Sit the fuck down, Dylan is/was one of my bestfriends when I was younger. I've known him since I was three." I told him, letting out a sigh at his immatureness. "Apart from that, you tripped me for no reason!" He continued to yell, "l thought I could handle you, I really did!" I smirked, taking another sip of my water. The sound of Harry's large hand against my cheek was the only noise in the house as I dropped my bottle of water and began to choke.
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