It was just another day at the auction for me, but I wouldn't ever think that this day would change my life.


10. Nine

“Maddie, do you still wanna see that Dylan kid?” Harry looked over at me, it had been a few hours after Louis had made us talk. “Uh sure, just let me text him.” I pulled out my phone and texted him asking if he still wanted to go. I sat my phone in my lap, waiting for it to go off. I put my face in Harry’s neck and sighed. “I love you Harry...I really do.” I look up at him, he kissed me on the forehead, “And I love you too.” His voice was husky from just waking up from a nap. “He said they’re at Hungry Jacks right now. C’mon.” I got up and pulled him with me.

“Wait nevermind, I should really shower first.” I dropped him back on the couch, planting a kiss on his cheek and going upstairs. I quickly shed the dirty clothes and turned the water on, getting in as it heated up. I scrubbed at my skin, turning it red. I used the Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner, it was supposed to help my hair grow or something. I dried off somewhat quickly, changing into black skinny jeans, that actually were quite skinny, a white Aeropostale shirt that had ‘CHASE THE WAVES’ written on it in blue letters, along with a black bracelet that had an infinity sign and grey converse. I left my hair down to air dry, not bothering to do anything with it.

“I’m ready babe.” I took my phone from the couch and followed Harry into the car, the ride was silent, but not the awkward silent. Just perfectly silent. When we got there, Harry being the gentleman he is of course, opened my door for me. I walked into Hungry Jacks with him, hand in hand, letting out a shiver as we walked into the well air conditioned restaurant. “Hey Mads!” Dylan called from the back of the restaurant, sitting next to him was a pale girl, about my age with brown eyes, thin figure and mid-length bright curly red hair. Food was already sitting on the table, just waiting to be scarfed down.

“You must be Risa, right?” I smiled at the girl sitting next to Dylan. Harry began to eat some chips, attempting to feed me one. She nodded, “And you’re Maddie right?” I gave her a nod and began to eat. As I put my burger down I saw Dylan and Harry staring at eachother, as if they were reading eachother’s minds.

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