It was just another day at the auction for me, but I wouldn't ever think that this day would change my life.


5. Five


“I had my first stripper at the age of 16, had me feelin' like the club was the place to be. I swear I couldn't wait till she got off the clock so, we could go back to her spot and she'd hop on top.” T. Mills blasted through the alarm clock that was sitting on the nightstand. 7:30AM the clock read in big red numbers. 7:30? Really Harry? Seven fucking thirty? I thought to myself, stepping out of my bed and walked towards the closet that held several of my suitcases and clothes that Harry had bought me yesterday.

I grabbed a long sleeved blue 'We Are Stars' sweater, the sweater not having the word stars but several yellow drawn stars. It was cute really. Along with a regular pair of skinny jeans and a plastic ring that I had. The stairs creaked under my feet, the tv volume louder than needed. Harry was passed out on the couch, I then realized that he probably moved me after I fell asleep on him. “Harry..” I whispered in his ear, bringing out the “arry” in his name while poking at his face. “What? I'm sleeping.” He groaned, his voice raspy, all morning-ish and stuff. “Get your ass up, that fucking alarm clock woke me up at 7:30AM so you're getting your happy ass up too.”

He sat up, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “I'm gonna get in the shower and i'm gonna take you to meet some of my friends, sound alright?” He asked me, his lips turned into a smile as I nodded. There was a loud noise coming from the bathroom, signaling the air conditioner kicked on. I grabbed the blanket he was using and sat on the couch, pressing the round blue button on the remote and began flipping channels. I stopped on Cartoon Network, realizing Adventure Time was on.

I buried myself into the blanket, inhaling the scent of it. It smelt like cinnamon and vanilla, just like Harry. Accept a tad bit of lavender laundry soap. Two short episodes later Harry was walking downstairs in all his perfect glory. He was in a black Ramones t-shirt and grey sweats, his dark brown curls a wet unruly mess. “C'mon babe, do you mind shutting the tv off too?” He waited by the door while I pressed the red button on the remote, throwing the multi-colored blanket off of my body and walking out with Harry.

I pulled myself into his Range Rover, buckling the seat belt and putting it behind my body. It had always choked me, so I always put it behind me. The ride was silent accept the sound of music coming from the radio. “Wanna get something to drink?” His voice slow, peaceful almost. “Sure, do they have a Starbucks?” He nodded, taking a right turn and driving down a back road. He pulled into the Starbucks parking lot and took the keys out of the ignition, walking over to my side and opening the door.

He ordered us both a medium cup of orange juice. We sat in silence, waiting for our order to be called. I was pretty happy that I wore a sweater, it being one of the rare cold days in Arizona. Inside Starbucks was quite cold here. “Harry Styles!” The guy at the register called out. I stood up, walking towards the door to wait while Harry grabbed the juice. I flipped my blonde wavy hair, getting it out of my face. I gave Haz a smile as he handed me my juice and held the glass door open, the metal bell on top making a ding sound.

The ride from Starbucks and Harry's friend's house was short. I waved to the two boys as I walked in. One had beautiful blue eyes with specks of green in them, along with tousled brown hair that was somewhat swept to the side and very feminine features. The other had somewhat normally styled short brown hair with brown eyes and a cute smile. They both sat on the couch cuddling, watching Toy Story. I fought to let out an awhe. “Maddie, this is Liam and this is his boyfriend Louis. Liam and Louis, this is Maddie. My girlfriend.” Harry said proudly, taking a sip of his orange juice after. “Hi!' Louis called out, a smile on his face. I gave him a wave and sat down with Harry on the loveseat after kicking off my shoes. “So, how did you two meet?” Louis grinned. “Lou shush! I'm watching Toy Story!” Liam whined, giving Louis the puppy dog face. AWHE. He is so cute.

“Ignore Liam, but seriously how did you guys meet?” Louis asked once more, hushing Liam after.

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