It was just another day at the auction for me, but I wouldn't ever think that this day would change my life.


9. Eight


My choking stopped quickly as I ran upstairs into my bedroom, slamming and locking my door. My body slid itself against the wall, shaking with sobs as I tried to wipe the falling tears. My hands fell flat on the floor, lifting myself up. My knees were shaking, making it almost impossible to walk to my bed. I lied down on my side, drowning myself in the thick comforter while turning on Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. 
  I just laid there, silent, tears staining my cheeks as I thought the same phrase over and over again, 'I'm not like the rest...'  Before I knew it my tears had dried up and my eyes were droopy, I fell asleep quickly, not bothering to turn off the music or change into my pajamas.
I opened up my eyes, staring at the ceiling. I was afraid to go downstairs, afraid to confront him. For once in my life I was truly afraid.  I let out a sigh and spoke to myself, "Maddie, you have to do this. You can't hide out in this room for the rest of your life." I shook my head as if I was actually talking to someone. After a good five minutes I finally brought myself out of bed and went to the bathroom, doing my business and changing into my pajamas.  I peaked at the end of the stairs, looking into the living room. To my surprise instead of Harry sitting on the couch, it was Louis and Liam. As if they were waiting for something. No not something, someone. That someone I was guessing Harry. I threw my hair up into a bun and went downstairs. "Maddie, have you seen Harry?" Louis asked, walking to the kitchen. "Uhm no. He might ha-" I was cut off by Liam gasping, "Oh my goodness, Maddie what happened to you're cheek? Did Harry hit you?!" I followed with an exasperated sigh, "Er no, I just..tripped down the stairs. I can be quite clumsy." I took a sip of Louis' coffee that was sitting on the table. 
  "But you can see the hand mark!" Louis protested, taking the coffee away. I ran a hand through my long blonde hair. "Yeah..he did." I answered, but before they could do anything I jumped in, "But it was my fault! I was flirting with the cashier at the Apple store and tripped him, you saw it for yourself!" Louis let out a sigh. "That boy at the register was an old friend of yours, it wasn't even flirting. Plus Harry deserved to be tripped! He literally growled at him! We've told him so many times that he needs anger management!" He shook his head, pulling out his phone and dialing what I was guessing Harry's number. Before it could ring for the second time Harry was coming downstairs, grumbling about some cunt calling him way to early. "Oi! I'm no cunt!" Louis yelled at him, startling Harry as he jumped practically 2 feet in the air. "What the hell, Louis? Is Liam here too?"  "Yep!" Liam grinned. 
  "You and Maddie need to talk. Just apologize or something please, you two are so cute and I don't want a good relationship going to waste because you're a cunt, Haz." I walked over to Harry, putting my hand somewhat in his. "Harry, you promised...You said you weren't like the rest.." I trailed off, staring into his eyes. Tears began to fill them, "I know. I fucked up, Maddie. I got too jealous, i'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. One more chance, please?" He looked at me, a hint of hope in his eyes. "Okay, pinky promise you won't do it again?" I held out my pinky, giggling a little bit. He put his over mine and did the little twisty thingy and stamped it with our thumbs. "Awhe! You did the stamp!" Liam gushed.  " makes me feel like, no matter what they have to keep the promise.." I put my head Harry's chest, inhaling his scent.

-This was just a bit of a filler, but I really wanted to update and i'm having terrible cramps so it might be a while until another! Love you, don't get raped or anything. xo~
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