She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


8. Yes

Bradley's POV

I kissed the new girl and bam! Emily was put back in her place. I was nice to her and called her babes and everything so she would miss me even more. It wasn't JUST all about getting her back because I was generally attracted to her. But I wanted to get to know her more. So I walked her home after school.
"So... Jackie. The party?" I asked, giving her one of my irresisitable smiles. "Sure, love to! Erm. The deets?" She said and I was stuck for a few minutes. "Ah, the details. Next friday night at 10." I replied and when we reached her house, I turned and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "And FYI," I whispered into her ear. "Nobody says 'deets' in this centuary." Then I turned and walke away.

Jackie's POV

He walked me home and then kissed me. I agreed to go to the party, even though my dad probably wouldn't let me. I walked in and saw my dad sitting on his expensive sofa in his expensive buisness suit and typing rapidly on his expensive laptop. "Hey dad!" I forced a smile and plonked down on the sofa next to him. "Shoes off in the house sweetie." he said without even looking up. I stared at his expensive buisness shoes that he was wearing and sighed. What a hypocrite! I grabbed my bag and went to my room. "Oh and Jackie!" He called after me so I stopped halfway up the stairs "When you're done come back down here cuz i've got some great news." he said. I rolled my eyes and carried on walking. I got changed. We didn't have a school uniform but the clothes I wore weren't really my style. Just so I wouldn't look like a second hand sally. I got changed and rushed back downstairs, just to get the awesome news over and done with. I sat down next to him and waited. He typed the last word and then faced me. "I got that promotion!" He exclaimed. I forcibly smiled and genuianly tried to look excited. Even though I couldn't care less. "Wow. Dad!" I finally forced myself to say. "Thats great!" My Dad smiled proudly. "I have to go on a small buisness trip though. Starting from Thursday." He told me. "Oh." I said. "When will you be back?" My Dad breathed in and then replied, "In a week or so, I think next Sunday? Will you be alright on your own? Cuz I could hire a babysitter to-" "Dad, i'll be fine okay? I'm practically a young adult now. So just have fun trip okay?" I said a little too harshly. So I gave him a big hug and got up to leave. "Don't worry darling, we'll soon have the money." Dad said. I smiled at him and then left. I might have been a bit harsh when I said I hated him. Because I don't really. I just miss my mother and I guess I blame him a lot for my moms tragic death. I'll tell you more about that later.
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