She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


12. What have I done?

Jaclie's POV

I rushed home and slapped myself, hard. What was I doing, inviting him over. My dad was mad because I was late and he had to leave. He had wanted to say goodbye. "Where have you been? Now i'm late and my boss is gonna think, " I kissed him on the cheek and apologized. "Now are you gonna be okay? Cuz it's not too late to-" "I'll be fjne now go knock em dead tiger." I punched him playfully and he smiled and opened the door. "Dad, would you mind if a couple of friends came by? While you're away." I asked and he stopped at the door. He hesitated before saying, "Fine, but don't do anything stupid okay? And NO BOYS!" With that he left and I squealed with excitment. I waited for an hour before inviting Bradley over. He came within minutes and we were watching a scary movie and cuddling by the sofa. We missed half of the movie and jist made out on the sofa instead. He was lying on top of me and I staryed getting scared. But he didn't notice anything wrong so I relaxed. But then, his hand went under my dress and started travelling, I wanted to move but I felt glued to the sofa. I didn't want it end ever. But I had to stop it. He was so close until I removed his hands and put them on the next best thing. My boobs. He smiled and then started rubbing my boob, making me moan. He started going around my back, lifting me up a bit. He started to unzip my dress and let it fall down to my waist. I was about to stop him until he put his tongue inside my mouth. I really couldn't stop him. He unclipped my bra and took it ofc me. I felt exposed.and.a rush of cool air. He was pushing me closer and fingering my nipples and drawing cirlcles around them. Making me feel a rush of pleasure, I started moaning. He started biting my nipples and playing around with boobs. We started kissing again and then he was kissing my stomache, and going down. My phone rang abruptly, scaring us. Phew, saved by the ringtone. I put my bra and dress back on and then answered it. It was lilly, a friend from school. We were talking for hours about nothing that really interested me. It was like seven when I hung up. By then, I was starving and Brad had falleb asleep. He looked so sweet. I shook him and he woke up and hugged me. "Can I stay over?" He asked, sounding really tired. "Erm, sure?" I hesitated. "But were are you going to sleep?" I askes and he laughed in my face. "Your so cute." He siad, ruffling my hair. I knew the answer and what it would lead to. What have I done? I asked myself.
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