She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


11. Walking home

Jackie completely blanked me out during the movie. Wouldn't touch me. We were kissing until Emily walked in and I started going overboard. She pulled away and kept her distance for the rest of the movie. She looked pretty angry and covered her eyes on the scary parts instead of cuddling up to me. However Emily and Derek were getting pretty close. The whole cinema could her them screaming eachothers names and swearing a lot. In a movie theatet. Have they no diginity? I thought. They were escorted out halfway through. But left their underwear on the seats. I reluctantly grabbed it and shoved them in my pocket. I grabbed Jackies hand and she harshly pulled it back and walked away from me. She was starting to annoy me. "What is your problem?" I asked her, running to catch up with her. She stopped, crossed her arms and looked at me. Her once bright eyes had gone dull. "You." She said. I was confused and starting to get really annoyed. "What?" I asked her and she tried to fight back the tears. "I feel like your always in competition with Emily and you're just using me to make her jealous." She said. Tears falling down her cheeks and rolling onto the pavement. I guess it made sense. "I'm sorry but today was supposed to be about knowing eachother better and you wrecked it. It was a huge waste of time." I said, a little too bitterly, considering the girl was crying. I sighed and wiped her tears. "It was but every time Emily showed up you would just... Listen i'm sorry about ruining it but sometimes I feek like you still love emily." She said, calming down a bit. "Look babe, i'm really sorry." I said but she turned and I slowly took her chin to make her face me. Then, I kissed her. I swear I was in love. Just didn't know she felt the same way, until she kissed me back. Sparks were flying and Kat Perry Fireworks started playing. It was just like a movie. Jackie pulled away and then we laughed. It was her ringtone, the chorus of fireworks. She pulled out her phone. "Hello Dad?" She said. "I'm nearly home, literally a couple of houses away. Yeah. Erm.. Sorry. It won't happen again. Yes sir...... Bye. Love you too. Mwah!" Then she turned to face me. "I'm sorry but i'm really late and my dad has to.. Oh my god yes! I'm gonna make it up to you. My Dad is gonna be away for like a week so you can stay over!" She yelled, running to her house. I lauhed to myself, seeing her booty as she ran.
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