She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


3. Scary but cute

Jackie's POV

That morning I felt like crap. It was only a week before that I begged my dad to let me change schools. I hate the man. He will never understand me. At my last school I had no friends. I used to. But like I said i'm different. All my friends left me when I told them my secret and it leaked out. People fun of me and I was a social outcast. Never popular because of one thing that webt wrong at my birth. Boyfriends? Had em. But I wouldn't let things go any further then just kissing. If you k.ow what I mean. If I did go as far as the bedroom, then they would find out and dump my sorry butt. If I didn't they always evenyually dumped me. I can't tell you my secret now. If I did, we wouldn' have a story then would we? That morning, my dad never woke me up so I was late for my first day at school. It just so happens that when I was walking, this really cute perv could not stop following me. He kept eyeing me upand I started walking faster. Even thoigh I secretly enjoyed it. Some male attention. He then crossed over onto the same side as me. I think it's so he could watch my arse from behind. Clever. Anyways, I walked past an allet and then he stopped and started to talk to the people hiding in there and snogging. I think he fancied the girl or something. He clearly lost interest fast because he started running away. In the direction I was headed. I really hoped he was going to walk the same way every morning because there was a chance that I could never see him again.
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