She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


1. Prologue

Bradleys POV

Hi... I'm going to start this off real simple. The name's Collins. Bradley Collins. Double- oh- playa!
Last year I went to a couple of parties and met a couple of girls.. I never let one girl tie me down and I ESPECIALLY never let one girl change my view on homos.
Last year is when it got complicated and it took me a while but I finally found myself. And I owe it all to one special gal. Jackie Barbara.

Jackie's POV

I am different. And no one will ever understand me. Last year I met a guy at a party. Special guy he was. I chased him for a long time to the point were I didn't know what I wanted anymore. I am a girl. As you might've guessed. But I am a vert special girl and I think some guys just don't appreciate that.
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