She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


17. Over!

Jackies POV

I was crying my heart out. Stood in front of my boyfriend with my,pants pulled down and everything hanging out. Literally. Now you know my secret. I am not bisexual. I just had a,little technical difficulties in my birth. I had a mangina. A dick. I felt like a dick and my head was banging. Bradley was just stood thete, well almost. He was drunk as hell and I was feeling a little dizzy. My drunkness hadnt lasted and I could barely remember what had happened. Which meant in a few minutes Bradley would forget everything. So I had to hide my secret. "Wait! Explain to me how you have a cock bigger than mine! When your my girlfriend. Were my girlfriend!" He exclaimed, emphasising 'were'. I felt hirt and could barely speak. "Were?" I croaked, feeling a sting in the back of throat. "Look down!" He pointed at my private parts and I felt embarrased. "You have a COCK! Do you know how that could ruin me?" He opened the door and was nearly out before I slammed the door shut and blocked his way. "You are NOT going ANYWHERE until you promise me one thing. My secret never leaves this room." "You're mad." He said, before trying to open the door. I karate chopped him to the floor and leaned over him. And then I ran my finger over his neck until I found the spot. Then I pressed down, hard. He struggled for a while, scratching my arm in the process. Then, he was under. I know it makes sound horrible, making the black out but I had no choice. Years of tormenting and harrassment can do that,to a girl. There was a knock at the door and then somebody walked in. It was Josh. I quockly pulled my dress down. "Hey wats going on 15 mins are up and.." He stopped and stared at Bradley. "Erm... He blacked out on me. Too much vodka I think." I said, clutching my head. It flfelt like a migraine. "You want me to drive you home sexy?" Josh asked me, slurrong and rubbing his eye. "Your not fit to drive so we'll take our chancrs." With that, Josh and I dragged Brad into the car. I drove home. Officially, I didnt have a drivers license but I was practicing.
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