She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


20. Oh my.........

Bradleys POV------

There she stood. A girl. And a girl. In bed. Together. Naked. I looked down and stopped. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as memories from the night of the party. Last thing I remembered was her karate chopping me and and then feeling my neck. I blinked rapidly and my eyes stung a,lot. I knew pretty soon they would get puffy. "Jackie, what the heck?" I exclaimed banging the walls in attempt to find thd door without turning away from her. She started walking towards me and grabbing a blanket to cover herself. I stepped back til I was pinned against the wall. "It wasn't me! She locked the door and put the key up her fanny and wouldn't-" Jackie started to explain but I interrupted. "Pff. Yeah Jackie, I could tell by the way you pushed inside her and screamed ger name." I yelled, frustrated at everyone. I frantically squeezed the tearsin my eye. My policy: if it don't fall, it don't count as a tear. "So you cheated on me, with a girl?!" I exclaimed turning to walk out. She pulled my arm and turned me around. "No!" She protested. But I didn't believe it. A word of it. "Besides the cheating. Your balls are bigger than mine. How many times am I gonna say that to my girlfriend?!!" I practically screamed. I knew this was not gonna help with my rep. "You have a fuckin dick you whore!" I screamed in her face, pushing her away from me. She landed on the floor and burst into tears. "I can't help it!" She half cried and half screamed. I felt terrible. "I was born like this and,people treat me like a freak!" She sobbed. I was a monster. She got up and I saw the bruise on her back from were I pushed her. I couldn't stay. But she grabbed me and kissed me. I couldn't resist her and I kissed her back. I bit her lip and then we pulled apart. I could taste cherry lipgloss. "I thought you didn't like cherry." I whispered. "I hate it ."She stood awqwardly and looked a bit guilty or something. "Then wha-" I looked past her shoulder and saw the girl putting on cherry lipbalm. I sighed and opened the door. I shook my head as Jackie hesitated and opened her mouth. "Freak." I said before slamming the door.
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