She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


10. Not too good

Jackie's POV

That's right. I put that bitch in her place! But I was getting ahead of myself. If we had been at his house then we would have been lying on the bed, naked. I didn't want that to happen so I had to act mad at him. No kissing during the movie. I was pretty mad at him already anyways. When he kissed me, I had pulled away because it was just a showing off thing. When I kissied him, it was supposed to be a showing off rthing but his soft lips were too irresistable. I ended up going overboard with it and touching him up. Making him moan, in a movie theater! When we sat down for the movie, Emily had decided to come back and get her vengeance. Her and her boyfriend sat right at the back and we sat were we could. see them. I stopped Brad from kissing me again. Because Emily and Derek had taken the whole back row so they could lie down and kiss. There was a lot of noises and when I turned around, it was not too good. They were having sex. It was dark but you could still see naked bodys glowing and deffinarely hear noises. As much as I wanted to kiss brad, I couldnt. He started to let his hands run up my leg. It felt so nice I could barely move away. But I had to.
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