She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


7. Moving on

Bradley's POV

I tried my best not to let the tears spill as I ripped the necklace from her neck and ran out of that apartment. I just felt so used. And to make it worse, she was wearing the necklace that I bought her whilst having sex with another guy. I could jist imagine him fingering the necklace, and then both of them cracking up laughing. "What an idiot." He would say. "He's too stupid to even notice girls play him all the time." She would say. Nah! That was just stupid. Girls didn't play me, I played them. I was Collins. Bradley Collins. Double-oh-playa. It was in the name! So how could this one girl play me like a football game. I was going to get my own back. If she thougjt I was going to go all moody on her... She was dead wrong.

Jackie's POV

I was just sitting down, I had made some friends but I didn't get too close. A lot of guys had been asking me out and fooling around but I was stubborn. They just thought I was playing hard to get. I was lost in thought and daydreams when he started heading towards me. I started to blush straight away.

Bradley's POV

I walked up to her and started blushing. She looked so cute when she did that. But she was gorgeous. And she made it pretty easyvto get over emily. "Hey." I started off by saying. She smiled shyly and brushed some hair behing her ear. Showing off her stunning profile. "Hey!" She replied. I sat down next to her and then asked her, "So do you wanna go to a party with me?" Her cheeks flushed bright pink. Then, Emily came up to us. "There's a party at Josh's place and I came to ask you if there was a chance you could forgive me and come?" She asked. "Erm.. Sorry but no I-" I started to say before Emily jumped in and said, "i'm so sorry I-" then it was my turn to interrupt. "No I forgive you okay? No ones perfect and I also made mistajes like that in previous relationships so.. We're cool babes." Emily looked relieved and then started to talk about the plans. "Great so pick me up at-" I could see this was too complicated so I turned to face Jackie. I brushed aside a stray lock of her curly hair and then kissed her. Long, hard and passionately. I started running my hand up and down her back. Pinching her arse as we both groaned passionately. Her lips were as soft as a luxery pillow. Her bum was huge and I was in love. We finished when the bell rang and I noticed Emily standing there awkwardly. I put my arm around Jackies hips and said, " sorry, but I already have a date."

Jackies POV

OH MY GONDOLA HE FULL ON SNOGGED ME!!! And right in front of that little bitch as well. Afterwards she said a lot of crap about how she understood and that it was her fault for being unfaithful!! Great day.
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