She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


22. Maybe?

Jackie's POV--------
I walked through the door sobbing my eyes out. I wailed and snuffled as I slowly made my way up the stairs. "Jackie?" I had almost forgot. Dad was home again. He walked through the living room and came up to me. "Sweetheart whats wrong?" He asked, holding on to the railings. I roughly dabbed some tissues on my red nose. "Aww Rudolph." My dad joked. I just about managed a hint of a fake smile. My throat killed. "Hey dad! How was the trip?" I asked. Or at least attempted to. My voice was sore and rough. Dad gently grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the living room. I was shocked at how compassionate he had been. I had been in the house for a little over five minutes and he hadn't once asked me to remove my shoes. "So, it all went down pretty well. My boss invited us to a meal out with her next week. But if you're not up to it then we can cancel. In fact i'll call right now-" My dad had already got the phone in his hands before I grabbed it and made him put it down. I managed a faint smile. "No dad. It's okay. Just me being silly." I croaked. He rubbed my back. "What happened baby?" He asked. I wasn't exactly prepared to poor my heart out to him so I just faintly head. He nodded and I stood up. "You can tell me anything. You know that right?" He asked as I stood up. I bent over and kissed him; then I walked up the stairs. I collapsed onto my bed and practically screamed in my pillow. I decided to call Bradley. Suprise suprise, it went straight to voicemail. "Yooo! This is bradders!" A voice practically screamed. "If you're cool enough to know me, press one. If you wanna date me, press two. If your ginger, fuck off hehe, just jokin. Oh and if you're some some wicked freak of nature, please hang up after the freak. Frrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkk!" A voice screeched. I hung up almost immediately and then cried. Just cried.

Bradleys POV,------! ,-

I had one missed called. I didn't check. I just dialled it. "Hey brad it's jackie. I just wanted to-" I pressed end call. I just didn't wanna hear any of her shit. She had probably heard the voicemail. She sounded a bit hurt or wounded when she called. I hadn't been out with my mates in a while and I had heard emily and derek broke up. "Hey emily, you wanna come round my place?" I asked. "Ermm... Sure." She said. "Cool a'ight seeya." I hung up and smiled. Why did jackie have to be the only one who could play around. I heard the door ring so i opened. It was emily. I just kissed her passionately and pulled her in. she started to groan in the back of her throat. Still snogging, we managed to go upstairs and I lay her flat on my bed. She breathed and hu5fed whilst we kissed, arms, legs and hair twangled around eachother. "I didn't come here to have sex brad. Derek is still my lover. "Oh come on baby." I said, kinda hyperventilating. "No don't." She sai. I locked the bedroom door and lay flat on her again. "Well I didnt invite you here to play." I said seductively. I ripped off her clothing and left her naked as she struggled to get away. I was turning physco. Looking back it seems so wrong. "No brad please." She begged. I was angry. So I slapped her and told her to shut up. I had never been more craz. I felt drugged. I started to lick her and rub her at the same time. She moaned. I felt ?y bner harden and I ripped off y clthes as well. She begged and pleaded me but I licked even faster. I threw her onto the floor. She screamed in agony. I made her sit on the floor with her legs spread out. I did a handstand till my face was right In her vagina and her face right in my cock. She seemed to be shaking and trying to shove my cock in her mouth. I didnt want her to enjoy it so I stuck a finger up her bum crack and then bit her vag. Shr screamed and cried. I started licking her and she put h my cock in her mouth. Sucking whilst I licked. I felt a rush of pleasure and pulled her closer til my' entire face was in her fanny. She was sucking and crying. I finall got the right wau round and plunged myself in...............
We both lay panting. Her face in her hands as she crie. I felt like a beast. I had just raped a girl. I needed my jackie back. She kept me in line. Maybe, just maybe. I could get her back. No! What was I thibking? I hated her slimy cock. Didnt I?
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