She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


4. Cheated

Bradley's POV

I saw that sexy girl again. Turns out her name is Jacqueline. "Hey, your names Jackie right?" I asked her. She went to our school so I decided to talk to her. "Yeah erm.. You know my name?"
She asked. Her voice was as sexy as her body. "Yeah I followed you- I mean walked past you this morning." I quickly said, almost dying of mortification. She probavly hadn't noticed and then she would think I was a desperate idiot. She giggled and said, "I remember." And then we just stood there awkwardly until she shyly waved and waled away. Man she was a beaut!

Jackie's POV

I was just standing by the door, all alone as I expected to be, when the fit stalker just.came up to me. My prayets had been answeref and we went to the same school. We could even walk togethet. He asked about my name and I nearly died and went to heaven. A lot of guys had walked past me and wolf whistled but I was determined not to fall in love. With any of them anyways. I already had my eyes on someone. He mentiobed following me and then looked embarrased about it. We stood there awkwardly so I walked away. I turned back and saw this girl come up ti him. Oh great, I thought. Competition. "Baby!" She gave him a hug and noticed him stare at me. She then pulled him in for a really long snog. He opend his eyes and looked at me halfway through. Then closed em again as they continued their snog marathon. Bitch!!!! I thought as I walked away.
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