She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


21. </3

Jackies POV------

Freak. That word stuck in my head as I pulled my special pads on They were to hide the bulge. I quickly dressed and rushed down the stairs. Tripping up as I reached the door. "Wait!" I cried, running after him. He sauntered round the corner and I never saw him again til school. I was prepared to be bullied, to be completely ignored, humiliated, socially destroyed. Lily came up to me and linked my arm. I nearly jumped out of my skin. "Erm hi?" I stuttered, completely shocked. Maybe she was dragging me to my doom. "Whats up?" She asked me. I just shrugged anx followed her. "Soo... Anything you wanna tell me?" She asked, with a hint of a smileescaping her lips. "It happened when I was born you see, my y sex cells were kind of bonded weirdly with my x and it eventually grow a co-" I frantically expained. Speaking really really fast. She put a funger to my lips and laughed. "What does your birth have to do with Brad dumping you?" She aske. I sighed with relief and relaxed my shoulders. I felt like an idiot. "He dumped me?" I muttered to myself a little too loudly. "Em.. Duh! At the cinemas." Lilly said, thumping her head and making a face, indicating I was stupid. I laughed to hide my hurt. "Yeah and I thought you would be more upset after kissing his feet and practically begged him to come back." Lilly continued, unaware that I was fighting back tears. "Hey, sorry about the break up babe. What a waste of sex right?" Hillary said as she hugged me. "What?" I asked. Hillary frowned and then waved goodbye. "And then the whore actually ran after him naked!" Lindsay exclaimed as she walked past me. "Naked?" I mumbled. "Wow. It seems everyone else knows more about the break up than you- did you bang... Your head?" Lilly asked, clearly concerned about me and my health. The rest of the day was a nightmare. I had to work with Bradley in a kissing scene in drama. It was very awqward. "Listen Bradley I-" "Don't wanna talk about it." He snapped, rummaging through the script. "Yeah but making up the whole-" "Would you rather I told the truth?" He snapped at me again and gave me the coldest of glares. It was hard to see those eyes that had once been filled with love to be so cold and icy. "No but you made me less popular and now a few people hate me and think I am a whore." I snapped back at him, pretending to look at the script. "Well relationships are built on trust." He said. "You freak of nature." He added. That last bit stung. I saw the angry flare in his nostrils and the fumes clouding around him. His fists were clenched and he was ready to battle. The tears just came out. I wiped at them and ran out of class. Lilly attempted to follow me but I just ran and hid. I cryed my eyes out. What had I done? I had just gone and got my heartbroken.
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