She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


15. 15 minutes in hell!

The bottle spun round. Past Emily, past Josh, way past Danielle and all the way back round to the other people. It stopped. Derek looked horrified. "No! I am NOT kissing a boy!" He wailed. Josh was mortified as well. "Besides, spin the bottle is for wimps! What you all scared off? Whos up for a little seven minites eh?" Derek said and got everyone in the room cheering. Josh stopped and added, "How bout we make it 15?" Everyone agreed vut I was dying. I grabbed the nearest glass and downed every last drop. It burnt my throat. Everyone else was sipping it carefully. Hey! We had to empty the bottles right? Yeah you read that right. Bottles. Plural. I downed aboit five glasses. "Woah man!" Bradley slurred as he grabbed the sixth glass away from me. Then, the party got started. Everyone was drunk! The bottle spun and landed on me. Just my luck. It landed on Derek, who immediatley spun it with his foot. This time it landed on Bradley. "All rigjt!" He exclaimed and we were directed to his guest bedroom. I was dreading it, my heart was in my mouth. Bradley locked the door and we started kissing. But I was nervois when his hands staryed running. "Whats up?" He slurred, breathing heavily. He started tigging at my underwear and I was holding on tight. Then he started snogging me again and I couldnt move. He had me pinned against the wall. I was truly enchanted and didnt want to stop. Without warning, he tugged at my underwear and it dropped. He froze and tears were spewing like a fountain from my eyes. "WHAT THE FUCK?!"
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