Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


13. Whats Wrong With Everyone?

                                                 Cammy's P.O.V

Liam was still kissing me.I started to think about Thomas when he kissed me on the cheek.I couldnt truely be missing him.He was a jerk to me and Megan.And all we have done for him is be a good friend.He ditched us why do i even think about him still?Theres no way i have feelings for Thomas.I mean think about it.

I wasnt paying any attention.Liam had pulled away so i was left there looking like an idot.Wow...

"Uhmm Cammy?He asked."

"Huh?I commented as i lost train of thought about Thomas."

Omg i had just made a complete fool of myself to Liam and i was already thinking about other guys.

Thomas,Liam,Thomas,Thomas still lovees u!Thomas LIAM!Its Liam.Pick Liam.No just kidding its Thomas.Liam!Thomas has a gf already,AND SO DOES LIAM and hes yours..All yours.But Thomas and Monica wont last long so u could have him.Trust me its Thomas,And I was about to expload.All these things had kept repeating inside my head.

I pulled away in a instant and ran to go find Megan.She was still having that perfect time with Harry.

"MEGAN!GET OVER HERE!I screamed not at her,but just how i felt at that moment."


                                                Megan's P.O.V

What happened with her?I mean i thought Liam was...going to hang out with her.I walked over to her without any questions because i knew this hadnt been good or she just needed me there.

"Yea?I asked as she lead the way to the door."

Harry had just looked at me and i knew he said to be safe.

"Megan!Its about Thomas,She told me."

Oh geeeh.What happened with Thomas,And why did he always make Cammy mad,Or otherwise upset.I started to panic.

"What happened!I asked confused."

"I keep thinking about him,When Liam kissed me....She trailed off."

"LIAM KISSED YOU!?!?!I yelled."

"AWWH!I added."

"No shut up.When he kissed me i thought about that time in 6th grade where Thomas kissed me on the cheek,She replied with an annoyed look."

"O my...Gosh..So u ahve feelings for Thomas?And Liam?I asked hesitiant."

"I wouldnt say that...She trailed of again."

"Cammy,Its okay if you do!Its not like your dating anyone right?I asked."

"Wrong,The thing is Liam asked me out and i said yes,She replied."

"Oh..Then what are you gonna do?I asked worridly."
"I dont know im confused,She replied."

"Cammy who is that?I whispered as i heard footsteps behind us."

"I dont know!She wispered back."

I looked back only seeing that it was Louis.

"LOUIS!!!!I never get to talk to you!I screamed as i ran to him for a hug."

He hug me back but i could tell he was upset.

"Whats wrong?I asked."

"Well can we talk about alone?He asked as i saw a tear in his eyes."

"Please tell me,We can go on a walk if youd like,I replied as i wipped his tear away."

"I guess,He said as he started to walk."

I followed behide him.I motioned Cammy to think about who she truely wanted to be with and me and Louis were off.

"So Louis why so sad?I asked worridly."

"Me and..Elenor broke up a few hours ago,He awnsered tears falling from his precious eyes."

"Oh Louis!Its okay,She wasnt worth it,I told him giving him a kiss on the cheek."

"She cheated on me,He commented while he was blushing."

"Oh come on!If she cheated on you,Then shes a girl player!I said with a laugh."He laughed with me gladely."

"I know what will cheer you up!I said with a smile."

"ICECREAM!!!!!I screamed."

"Yummy!He replied as he ran to the icecream shop which was only a few shops away."

I ran after him and scooted though all the people.Like that taxi cab game on the website.I laughed at this thought.

I finally catched up to him and he was in line to order.Luckely there wasnt to many people in front of us.

"I want superman icecream with sprinkles on top,He said in his kidish voice that was clearly adorble."

"Ill take a Strawberry Cheesecake blizzard,I said to the cashier."

"Alright that would be seventeen dollars and fortytwo cences,She replied with a huge smile."

I handed her the money and scooted over so the next person could order.I did this because everytime i sit down they always call my order.So i decided i was just gonna get the icecream before i sat down.

"Superman icecream and Strawberry Cheesecake blizzard!The cashier yelled."

I reached over and grabbed the icecream we had ordered.I walked over to where Louis had decided to sit and gave his icecream to him.I sat down next to him.

"Better?I asked as he took some icecream."

"Ya!He screamed."
"Good,I replied."

"So did Liam kiss Cammy yet?He said he was going to tonight but then i saw you two talking outside,Is everything okay,He asked."

Not everything was okay.But i didnt want him to be upset about more things.But also i didnt want to lie to him because i wanted us to have a good friendship and for him to be able to trust me.

"Shes just a little confused,I replied just telling the truth."

"About what?If i cant ask you that,He said."

"Well just her ex and shes just very lost at the moment,She knows she likes Liam,Alot!But she doesnt know if you still has some feelings for Thomas,Her ex,I whispered in his ear."

"Oh!I see,She will figure it all out soon,I hope,He replied with a smile as he took anoher mouthful of icecream."

We finshed our icecream and started to head back home.

"Megan i actual quite like u as a friend,Okay more then a friend...A Good friend!He told me as he kissed my hand softely."

Im glad i had gained this trust from him because i could talk to him about whatever i wanted to.And i trusted him to.

We finally got to the door in the house but i saw something in the window.It was a girl!And It Was Harry!Kissing...not on the hand.Not on the cheek.But on the lips.

I started to run away from the house.I felt a hand touch my hand pulling me to them.It wasnt Louis,It wasnt Harry,And it wasnt Zayn or Liam.It had to be Niall.


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