Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


11. Shopping time

                                         Cammy's P.O.V

I looked at my phone and saw i got a text from Thomas.I wondered why he had texted me.He stopped talking to me after him and this one girl named Monica started dating.Of course i was a little jealous because i was his ex and all but why did he start to talk to me again?Had they broke up or something.Probley not but I hope they did..Monica is such a jerk.

"Megan!Thomas texted me!I screamed."

"When?She asked surprised."
"Just now,He said Hey!,I replied."

"Wow!I bet if u ask if hes with Monica he would say Yes,Megan groaned."

I think Megan had feelings for Thomas when me and him dated.When we would hold hands she wuld kinda just walk away.I knew he liked me since 4th grade but i didnt like him until we started dating which was in 6th grade.Of course I wouldnt date him again because my friend Ciera was truely in love with him.But her mom and dad wouldnt let her date until she was 16.Which she can date now since we are all 18.This whole Thomas story was just all messed up from the start.

"Ya probley!I replied."

"You with Monica?I asked him."

"Uhmm,Yea,Of course you are well bye me and Megan are going to the mall,I said back to him."

"Hes with her!I yeled to Megan."

"Well we are here!Megan screamed back with a laugh.

"Yay!I said getting all excited."

We parked and we both jumped out.

"Lets go!I yelled runnin toward the door."


                                           Megan's P.O.V

We finally ran inside.I texted Kaylee so she knew we were here.We walked to Rue21 pointing at the stores we would go to after we all met up.We found Rue21 beside Cliars and Insence,On the left side of the mall.

"MEGAN!I heard Natalie scream."

"NATALIE!I screamed back."

We ran to each other giving each other hugs.Kaylee and Cammy joined in so it became a group hug.

"Well lets get shopping!Cammy yelled not very loud tho."

We all scattered around Rue21 and looked at our own styles.I looked through some shirts then some shorts.I found some jean shorts and 2 shirts i reall liked and their were 10 dollars for both shirts.15 dollars for the shorts.I reached in my purse and found i actual had a whole bunch of money to spend.I looked at the purfme part of the store and got me 2 diffrent ones.I looked around for everyone else and they had already been in line.I walked to where the line was and got in the back.It was finally my turn.

"That would be $39.00 dollars,The cashier said as she scanned the tags."I handed her the money.

"Lets show each other what we get later in the food court,I said as i walked out of the store."

"Alright well i dont want to go by myself,Cammy moaned."

"Alright well me and Cammy,Will go together and Kaylee and Natalie can go together,I replied."

"Alright,Kaylee and Natlaie said as they walked the oppsite direction."

We walked around and went into each shop that we wanted to.I finally was done and so was Cammy so i texted Kaylee.

"Are you all done yet?I texted."

"Yup!Meet us in the food court."

"Kay,Be there in a few."

We talked and saw a little kid train go by.

"Megan!Megan!We have to,Cammy screamed as she pointed at the train."

"Cammy!We are 18!!I hit her."

"So what come on!She replied with a laugh."

"Alright fine!Lets go,I said."

The train person actual let us on the train.I was surprised by that.We go on the Train and told the persn we needed to go to the food court.He took us there in a instant and it was so much better then walking here.Me and Cammy laughed the whole where there just as we would when we were little.I loved those moments when we acted like a kid.And of course being with Cammy we were always being kids which was what i loved about her.We could just be ourselfs and enjoy the friendship.Nothing could seperate us and everyone was jealous.

"Here you ladies go!The train station said as we hopped off the train."

I could hear Natalie and Kaylee laugh like idots as always.

"Hey!I said as i sat down next to Natalie."

"HEY!Why did u ride that train here?Natalie asked still laughing really hard."

"Ya?Kaylee added."

"It was fun!Cammy replied with a smile."

"Ya and SOMEBODY is to lazy to walk back over here,I said as i hit Cammy.She hit me back.

"Well lets go get some food!Im starving!I said as i got up from the table.

"Alright,Cammy said."

"Okayy!Be back in a few,Kaylee commented."

"TACO!Natalie screamed as she ran to the Tacobell stand."

I had some odd friends.I guess we were all crazy,Akward,and weird.


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