Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


15. Scary...Is The New Pizza King

                                             Zayn's P.O.V

I got in line first so i ordered for all 3 of us.I got a Cheese one for me and Louis and Niall got his own Peprerionni pizza.I found where they were sitting and sat by Louis since Niall  used all his side to store his food.I just really wish Cammy or even Megan would have alone time with me.It could just be perfect but i jsut cant because i cant break them up.

"Harry and Megan make a cute couple,"Louis said.

"Yeah,They do but i still wish she was mine,"I grinned.

"What about Cammy!Dude shes amazing,Megan is to but i only want us to stay close friends,"Niall excliamed after taking a big bite out of the pizza.

"Eh,I rather stay close friends with them to,"Louis added.

Staying close friends would work for me,but to have to watch her and Harry flirt and do their thing.I couldnt just do that it hurt me bad already that he had got her first.I know its not a competion or anything but i was so jealous of them.How did Louis just want to be good friends?I mean theyare the most amazing girls ive seen in my life.

Niall and Louis looked at my like i was an idot.

"What?"I asked confused.

"You said that all outloud,"Niall laughed,Louis and I joined in after.

"Its going to be hard but try atleast,We dont want to hurt ethier of them,"Louis said with a smile as he threw the trash away.

We all walked back to the car and of course it was really quiet again.This was just a very odd moment,I had just said all the thoughts that were running through my head.Atleast i wasnt the only one who had feelings for them.Atleast they did a little.


                                                        Harry's P.O.V

I wonder when Louis would get back with the others.They have been gone for atleast an hour and a half.Megan and I ha finshed watching the movie and i got up and made her some more tea.Im guessing its her favorite drink.She was so fun to cuddle with.I mean it was diffrent then what normally happened when i cuddled someone.The girl would always try kissing me during th movie but Megan kept her eyes on the movie.She would look at me an smile that bright smile of hers and sqeeze my hand.

"We should watch a scary movie!"Megan asked me.

"Are you sure?I dont want you waking me up and being scared,"I playfully said.

Also she always knew how to take jokes and know exactly what to reply with.

"I will,"She said and got on Netflixs.

"Pick the scariest move you have seen,"She told me handing me the remote.

"Alright,"I said as i went to this turtle movie that looked adorable.


"Hahaha!This was me and Cammy's movie when we were younger,"She replied.

I loved how she had so many memories with Cammy.That would mean me and her could make a ton of memories.Her and Cammy were truely like sisters.

I scrolled to the scary movies and went through them.I found one called Dont Be Affraid of The Dark.

"How about this one?"I asked.

"Perfect!"She yelled.

I pushed play and the first thing i know is Megan is closer to me then ever.She is holding my hand and looking into my eyes with a smile.She gave me a kiss on the cheek an i could feel my face turn red so i looked back at the tv.It started and it looked scary enough.



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