Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


10. Reunited With My Best Friend

                                              Megan's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone.Harry's muscler arms were still around me but i took them off gently so i could grab my phone of the side table.I looked at who had textd me and it wasnt on my contact list so i texted back.
"Whos this?I txted."

"Its your best friend!"

"Kaylee!?!?!!Is that really you !!"

"Yep!Ive missed you!"

"Missed you 2!How did u get my number?!?!

"Phsss....James duhh!Btw he still has a crush on you."

"Really?!Wow i dont even like him."

"Why?I thought u liked him."

"Well i dont anymore,But did i mention that im with the love of my life?!"

I guess i hadnt noiced Harry had woken up.Because i heard him say something softly.I turned away from my phone.

"Good morning!I said Harry."

"Good morning,love of my life,He replied with a wink."

"Imma guess you saw that message?I asked blushing a little."

"Ya,Who is James?He asked worrily."

"No one speical really,Just a guy that still has a crush on me from the last time we broke up,I replied."

"No worrys Harry,Im yours!I dont even like James,I said as i saw he was a little upset."

"I know,Is that the guy that stole my song?He asked with a laugh at the end."

"Ya,But you sang it better,I said with a wink."

I looked back at my phone and read her text.


"Harry..Harry Styles<3!

"Theres no way your with him,Are you freaking kinding me!Call me...I wanna hear him."

"Uhmm Harry,I told Kaylee i was with u and she wants to hear you,Is that okay?I asked."
"Its fine!Harry replied."

I went to contacts and found her name.Call.

"Hello!She yelled through the phone."

"Hey,I replied."

"I knew you were lying you werent with Harry Syles at all,She replied with a laugh."

I put the phone on speaker phone.

"Here,I told Harry."

"Hey!Harry said into the phone."

"Its really Harry,Megan you must be so happy."

"Ya,Im always happy when im with him,as I kissed him softely on the cheek."

"Well i got to go going to the mall with Natalie,By the way im happy for you all,Love you best friendd!!She yelled through the phone."

"Alright bye!And thanks:)Love you 2 best friend,I replied."

"Bye Kaylee,Harry said."

I hung up and got up from bed.

"Well lets go eat,I said as a ran downstairs to the kichen."

I grabbed 2 bowls and Harrys favorite ceral.I grabbed the milk and poured it into the bowls.Then put the ceral in.

I heard Harry walk down the stairs.He ate his breakfest and we talked,laughed,and of course smiled.

"So what do u wanna do today?I Asked."

"Well you and Cammy need some clothes,So probley go shopping,he replied as he put his bowl and mine into the dishwasher."

"True!Alright let me go wake her up,I replied as i started to walk upstairs."

I finally got to Liams room where i thought she was going to be.And i was right of course.Liams room was the first one on the left.Remeber that...

Cammy!!!!LIAM!!!WAKE UP!I screamed."

"What huh!?!Wat do you want?Cammy asked.

"We are going shopping today for some clothes,Get ready and hurry up,I replied shuting the door behide me."

I walked to Harry's room.Well i guess it was kinda mine to.I put some clothes on that i had worn yesterday.Good thing i had put them on at a late time so they werent to messy.I put my hair in two french braids,and brushed my teeth with my finger.I found my purse and walked out of the room ready to go.

"Lets go!I yelled for Cammy to hear."

"Hey Kaylee,What mall are you going to?I texted."

"101Stores Mall,Why?She texted back."

"Because me and Cammy have to shop for some clothes and was thinking we could all hang out,I replied."

"Ya we should but who knows how far apart we are from each other."

"Well let me look at an app i got hold on."

"101Stores Mall is 15 minute away,The app said."

"Im going be there:),I texted Kaylee back with a smile."

"Omg really!!!!!Meet me at Rue21.. when u get there text me."

"Okay!I replied and started to drive to the mall.

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