Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


16. Oh Nialler..

                                                     Megan's P.O.V

This is so creapy!At the beginging there is this guy and he sticks his head in a firplace or some type of hole.He gets sucked up in it and never returns.It show's something about teeth to but I didnt get it.

"Harry,Im lost,"I said confused.

"Haha,Me to,"He replied.

"Tell me if it gets to scary,"He added as he put his arm around me.

"ITS SCARY!Harry!"I screached when a little walked inside the house.

It freaks me out when theres a little girl envoled in a scary movie.They alway's ended up dieing or getting hurt.

                                                  Harry's P.O.V

Oh Megan.When she see's little girls she gets scared?Or she just wanted to cuddle more.Im not for sure but I loved this about her.

I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her on my lap.She wrapped her arms around my neck tightely.Not tight enough to hurt me though.She leaned down and kissed my lips softely but I could feel she wanted it to go further.I wasn't for sure how far but it wouldnt make it where we had to care for another life.Not yet anyways.


                                                 Megan's P.O.V

Im glad Harry knew I wanted that kiss to go further then just that.I didn't want it to make it to far and I knew he didnt ethier.I mean I wanted to have a child one day but just not at that moment.I want it to be perfect and it doesn't feel like the right time.Anyways he went in for another kiss and it lasted longer that time.Actual very long.I didnt want it to end,he was such a good kisser,I dont even know why he would need any practice.

"Harry,I love you,"I screamed very loud after pulling a bit away from him so I wouldnt hurt his ears.

"I love you to Babe,"He replied and kissed my cheek.

Hes so romantic im so glad I have him.Truly he has to be the best boyfriend i've ever had.Maybe one day it will be more then a boyfriend.He is someone that can take a realtionship serious,But could also have a good laugh.

We went back to kissing.I seriously couldn't stop myself when I heard the door open.I didnt care and neither did Harry.

"Uhmm,"I heard Niall speak in his irish voice.

"GET A ROOM!"Louis screamed right beside us.

"We dont need one!"Harry said then softly say "Yet."To where I was the only one to hear him.

I smiled at the thought that we both said yet.It was seriously like he knew what i was thinking.Wow perfect guy.

It seemed Niall cared that we were making out because he stomped upstairs.Not in that "im mad" way but in the way you just wanna die from being so sad.Poor Niall,Maybe I should of stopped when they walked in.


                                                               Niall's P.O.V

Why did I have to see them making out it just reminded me of Cammy and Liam.Since that was probley what the were doing in his room.Maybe even more.

"Keep strong Niall,"I heard Zayn say outside my door.How does he alway's know when im upset?

"Let us in!"I heard Louis yell.

"No!"I yelled with tears running down my face.

I heard footsteps coming from the stairs,Oh great Harry heard that.

"Niall?"Harry asked.

"Yea?"I asked tring to sound okay.

"Let me in,Please,"He said.

"NO!"I screamed in frustrustion.The only one i wanted to talk to was Cammy.And I knew that wouldn't come true.

"Is everything okay?"Megan asked the boys outside my door.

"Niall's upset,and he won't let us in,"Zayn said annoyed.

"Let me try."Megan said.I could feel her smile behide those words and walked over to the door.

"Niall can i come,"She tried to say but i cut her off by screaming No.

                                                    Cammy's P.O.V

I heard yelling from Niall's room and became worried.

"Liam i'll be right back,"I said.

"Alright,"He replied.

I walked out of the door and walked down the hall to Niall's room seeing everyone but Liam standing outside his door.

"Whats going on?"I asked.

"Niall's upset about something,"Megan said and walked away.Me and her didn't talk very much anymore.We went seperate ways and it was actualy sad.

"NIALL!"I screamed.

"Come in,"He said and unlocked the door.


                                                          Niall's P.O.V

"NIALL!"She screamed as she ran into my room shutting the door behide her.She tackled me on the floor and ask what was wrong.

"You seem pretty fine to me,"Cammy added as she got up and helped me up.I wish she would have stayed where she was....

"Cammy,Look I know your dating Liam and all but I fell for you from the very beginning,and it's just so hard for me to see you with Liam,"I said completely trusting her.

"Niall I fell for you to,but I love Liam,I love you like a brother,"She told me these few words and made my day that fast.

"Well then,"I replied and tackeled her.I started to tickel her and she laughed hard.

"I love you sister,"I told her.

"I love you to,"She replied and kissed my cheek.


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