Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


17. Nighttime

                                                   Liam's P.O.V

I wonder what Cammy is doing.She just kind of left me in the middle of a perfect moment.We had been kissing for over an hour,and she seemed to like it alot.I wish I had followed her just to make sure she wasn't doing anything.What am I thinking Cammy loves me she would'nt want to hurt me.I think atleast.

I got up from the bed and walked out the door.

"Cammy?"I asked.

No anwser.So i decided to see if Zayn knew where she was.I walked to his room and knocked on his door.

"Ya?"He asked.

"Do you know where Cammy is?"I asked him.

"Ya,she's with Niall,"He replied and opened the door.

Wait so she left me to talk to Niall.Wow thats nice to know.Thanks Zayn.

"She was cheering him up,"He added and shut the door after I came in.

Cheering him up for what?I knew he liked her I could tell by the way he acted around her.I hope Cammy doesn't like him back.Then there would be no point of even dating her.Atleast I know to keep my eye out fo that.Not tring to be mean or anything to Niall.

"Why?"I asked.

"Im not sure,He wouldn't let any of us in but her,"He replied annoyed.

Of course he wouldn't let anyone else in but Cammy.

"Well do you know what they are doing?"I curiously asked.

"Nope,"He replied.

I ran out the door and went to knock on the door,but came to a stop to listen to what all they were saying.

"I love you to,"I heard Cammy say.

"WAIT WHAT?!"I screamed.

I ran back to my room with tears in my eyes and almost broke my door by slamming it so hard.I heard footsteps running and it is probley Cammy.

"Liam?"Cammy asked.

"WHAT?"I screamed.

"Whats wrong with you?"She asked walking into my room.Great i forgot to lock it.

"Don't you mean whats wrong with you!"I restated.

"What are you talking about?"She asked.

"Niall?!Really?"I stated.


                                                 Cammy's P.O.V

He must of heard the last thing I told Niall.Wow im so stupid,I should of just stayed in the room with Liam.

"Liam I said as a brother.He told me he loved me as a sister and I told him i loved him to.What i meant by that is as a brother.Liam I love you as a boyfriend and so much more,"I truthfully said.

"Im sorry,I love you to,"He exclaimed.

"Well what do you want to do?"I asked while yawning.

"Well you seem pretty tired,"He laughed.

"A bit,"I said and looked at the clock.It was already 8 so I guess I was going to bed then.

I jumped on his bed on the left side.

"Can I have this side?"I asked laughing.

"Sure,"He replied and got in with me.

He wrapped his strong arms around me tightely.I could tell he never wanted to let me go.

We fell asleep shortely like that.


                                                Niall's P.O.V

Im so hungry.I love food,I wish I could eat all day.I walked downstairs to the kichen to grab some mroe food.I opened the fridge seeing some grapes so I grabbed them.

I ate for what seems 2 hours and went back upstairs.Where has Louis been?I haven't seen him around lately other then eariler.I decided that I was going to go see if he was asleep in his room.

"Louis?"I yelled by his door.

No reply.

"LOUIS!"I yelled louder.

Still no reply.

Where is he?He's making me worried.I grabbed mp ohone and logged on to twitter.

@LouisOfficial-WHERE ARE YOU?!In Harry's room?

@NiallOfficial-Im at a party?

@LouisOfficial-Get home,Before you get runk and cant drive back.



                              2 Hours Later-Niall's P.O.V

Im not going to be able to sleep until Louis get's back.How far away was he?He should of already been back.It's been two hours geez.I can't stay up all night and wait for him to get back so i just fell asleep shortly after closing my eyes.


I saw Cammy and Liam breaking up because i told Cammy i loved her and she said it back.I was there for her and helped her through the hard time.She kissed me on the lips!We kissed for hours almost.Stop WAKE UP!!!

"CAMMY!"I yelled as I poped my head up awake.


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