Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


19. Nialler

                                                Cammy's P.O.V

I woke up to Niall yelling my name. I don't really know why he was yelling my name and I didn't wanna get up. So I just layed awake in bed waiting for Liam to wake up.

"Cammy!"Niall screamed again.

Urgh, im to lazy! I got up anyways and walked to his room.I busted down the door.

"What!"I yelled.

"I can't fall back asleep because of my dream, and I need you here,"He replied.

"Alright,"I said.

What was his dream?And why did it matter if I was here or not?

"What was the dream?"I finally asked.

"Me and you."

"Doing what?"She questioned with wide eyes.


"But,but,"She started.

"Liam,"I contuined for her.

"Yea!I mean I love you and all but me and his relationship is going good,and I really love him.


                                            Niall's P.O.V

"I love you,"I repeated inside my head.

"But I really love him,"I thought.

Why can't I just have her already?I love her she loves me.Clearly we're meant to be right?

"I love you more then a sister and brother type of way though,"I said.

"Please don't make this hard on me Niall,"She said.

She locked the door and came over to the other side of the bed and just sat there.

"Look Niall.I've always loved you okay,"She admitted.

"But I loved Liam first,and when I relised how he treated a girl,"She stated,"He's perfect for me.

"And im not!"I screamed.

"I never said that!"She yelled back.

"It sounded like you did!"I screamed as I put my feet to the floor.

"I didn't mean it that way Niall,"She said calmly.

"Well you know what I don't care!Just leave.Maybe i'll get someone better then you!"I yelled louder and much stronger then before.

She looked at me and tears flooded her eyes badly.

"Look.I didn't mean it Cammy,"I said tring to give her a hug.

"No you didn't,"She said upset.

I hugged her tight even though she tried getting away. I just hugged tighter almost taking her breath away.

"Get off of me!"She yelled still tring to push me away.

"Sh!Before you wake someone up,"I replied.

"Good!Maybe they will help me,"She screamed louder.

I grabbed her by the waist still holding her tightely and kissed her softly. She kissed back even though she knew what she was doing.

"What was that for?"She asked calmly.

"So you could shut up,"I laughed.

"Niall!"She laughed back.

I let go of her waist and walked alittle ways from her.

"No!Pleasseeee,"She begged.

"What?"I asked confused.

"Please kiss me again.So I can be ready this time,"She laughed running up to me.

"No!"I laughed.

"Pleasee!"She winned.

"I love driving you insane,"I smiled.

"But please!!!I'll do anything,"She winked.

"Anything?"I asked.

"Well not anything in that sort of way Niall!"She laughed.

"Make me a some food,"I winked.

"Fine!"She smiled.

"I might eat it all before you get to see it though,"She smiled and ran downstairs.

She's so cute!I mean really she loves food just like me.

I walked downstairs as she started to cook.I watched her every move. Just the way how she dances when she cooks is adorable, and when she sings while waiting for the toast to come out.

"There!"She smiled as she handed a piece of toast to me.

"That's all I know about cooking,"She laughed.

"Megan always cooks,"She added.

"Thanks!"I thanked her while eating my toast.

"Your welcome Nialler,"She smiled before running upstairs again.

This time I didn't follow her, but sat down on the couch to just think.

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