Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


12. Movie Night

                                               Natalie's P.O.V

I got 3 soft tacos with cinamen twist.I looked around to try to find what everyone else was getting.Megan was getting chinese.Cammy was geting subway.And Kaylee was getting KFC.We all walked back to the table and carefully started to eat our food.Megan had food all over here face as noral and Cammy.She just piged out,I think me and Kaylee were being more mature ten them at the moment.

"So guys who you all dating?I said."

"Uhmm..I dont know if me and Liam are dating?Or...Cammy said as she took a pause."

"Tanquia!Kaylee laughed."

"And Megan?Natalie asked."


                                              Megan's P.O.V

Harry,Oh how i missed him!Its hadnt even been a day without seeing him.I wanted to talk to him right then.I grabbed my phone and messaged him."

"Harry!I miss you so freaking much!!!"

"Megan!I miss you to to!When are you getting back i have something to show you!

"What are you showing me;)!

A smile grew on my face as me and him kept texting back a forth.

"We are eating right now we wil be back soon!I promise!I said."

"Okay well ill let u ladies have your girls time now,Love you babe."

"Alright,but know tat im missing you so much!And i love you to!I put my phone away and all three of them were looking at me.

"What?!I asked."

"You ahvent awnsered the question yet?And why u smiling over there?Natalie asked."

"Harry Styles..And i jsut got done texting him i miss him to much to be gone from him for awhile,I awnsered."

"Awwh!!Thats so cute Kaylee said."

"Arent they!Cammy said with a smile."

"Ya and Cammy and Liam are cute together to!I said."

"I know!Cammy said as she hit me."

Kaylee and Nataie started to laugh.And me and cammy looked at each for a minute then stared laughing with them.This was just a good day with my friens and my amazing boyfriend had something to show me.What could be better then this.Absoulatly nothing!

"I think we got to go,Cammy said as she looked at the time on her phone."

"Ya us to!Natalie said as she got up from the table."

"Well it was nice hanging out!Kaylee said as we all went in for another group hug."

We all say our goodbyes and they left me and Cammy there.

"Well lets go,I said as a walked to the door."

Cammy quickely followed.

"Where did we park?I asked."

"Over there,Cammy said as she pointed where the E sign was."

We walked over there and got in the car.The song What Makes You Beautiful came on.How was it when everytime i got in the car there was a One Direction song on.


                                                  Harry's P.O.V

I seriously cant wait till Megan gets here.We are going to watch any movie shewants to as we drink our hot tea.I hope we cuddle when she gets scared and then ill be able to hold her super close to me.Ill kiss her on the cheek and tell her ill be here for her forever.Then Liam will do something abou Cammy.He woulnt tell me what he was going to do so i jsut gave up.

"Were home!I heard Megan's beautiful voice say."

"Welcome home!I yelled as i put my arms around her waist letting Cammy go past us."

"I missed you Harry!She said as she kissed my nose."

"I missed you more!I said as a leaded the way to the couch."

"Do you want to watch a movie?I asked."

"YA!What should we watch?She screamed wth a big smile on her face."

"Anything you want to watch,I said."

"Alright then dont look i want it to be a surprise,She said with a laugh."

She slid a movie in and came back to the couch.She sat clsoe to me and I put my arm around her pulling her even closer.

"Want some tea?I asked when the comicals started."

"Uhmm,Sure,She replied."

I went to the kichen and made two cups of hot tea.

"Here you go love,I said as I gave her a mug."

"Thanks Harry,As she putt her knees to her chest."

We sat through all the comicals then finaly the movie started.

The Lion King!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                      Liam's P.O.V

Alright everything was perfect.The bed was made and the room was cleaned.I went downstairs seeing Harry and Megan watching the Lion King and cuddling.I got some honeybuns because it was gonna be kinda cheesy.

I walked back upstairs to my room.and sat them on the dresser.I heard the shower stop so Cammy must of just got out of the shower.I sat on the bed and worried that what i had planned was gunna be something she didnt like or even hated.

"Cammy!Come here..I wanna sow you something!I yelled for her to hear."

She came rushing into the room and sat down next to me after she closed the door.

"Ya?She asked."

"I..I..I started to stiff up."

"What?She asked confused."

"I was wondering if you wanted a honeybun,I lied."

"No,not that!I said."
"Just tell me Liam,She said with a smile."

"I..I want you to be my honeybun!I said,I quickely got the honeybun of the dresser and gave her it."

She opened and ate half of it.Was that a yes?

"Of course Liam!Ive been waiting for you to ask me that,She said after she was done chewing the honeybun that was in her mouth."

I pulled her close to me and kissed her lips softly.It felt so right when i did.It felt like she was the perfect girl for me.




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