Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


5. I Hope He's Here

                                          *****Please Read*****

I hope you are enjoying this book...I know I only have 5 chapters including this one...It's means alot that u all read this:D!!Well i'll try to update around ever other day or so...Thanks for reading this:)!!!!!<3 So heres chapter 5....


                                                  Megan's P.O.V

"Megan!I miss Liam,"Cammy said hitting me in the face.

"Saw that coming!And I miss Harry,Wanna see if they are at Nandos?"I asked.
"No!I dont wanna feel like im stalking them,"She replied.

"Come On!!!What if they are there?!?!We all can be happy again,"I replied hitting her in the arm.

"Fine,but dont get sad if they aren't there,"She replied heading to her closet.

Her closet was filled with pretty clothes,She had like a billion of shoes and of course it was a walk in closet.

"Im gonna use some of your shoes!!!"I said finding the perfect ones to match my outfit.

"Alright fine!She replied with a laugh."

I threw on a black and white shirt that was ruffled and some shorts that were a little short.I put the shoes on which was a black sparkley sparies and loooked at myself in the mirror.

"Perfect!!!!!"I yelled.

"Cammy of course picked a pretty outfit aswell,"I thought.

"Alright we both look great!"Cammy yelled staring at her phone.

"Its 3 p.m so we will get back around 4 if they arent there but we will probley stay forever if they are,"Cammy added with a huge laugh.
I laughed too...


                                                     Cammy's P.O.V

I grabbed the keys..I guess Megan was off in lala land so I finaly got to drive without her noticing.She was probley over reacting about what would happen if we saw them..She normaly did that when we met someone new or she liked someone alot.I turned the radio up and she started to sing the song..Aswell for me...

Radio:Ive tried playing it kool but when im looking at you...I can't ever be brave cause u make my heart race...Shot me out of the sky..Your my kryptonite..You keep making me weak..Ya frozen and can't breath..Something's gotta give now cause im dieing just to make you say that I need you here with me now..Cause you've got that one time..

We finally get there after listening to a few more songs..

"There's their car!!!!!!"Megan screamed jumping out of the car.
"Calm down!"I yelled at her getting out of the car.

"It's hard,"She replied.

"Hahah!I know,"I laughed walking towards her.
We walked up to Nando's and walked inside hearing fimilar voices.Megan looked at me but kept going.I guess she found out to.Im surprised she didn't run up to Harry..

"We sat down and ordered our food,Of course we could hear them laughing,but it wasnt all of them."

"Well let's go talk to them!!!!Megan whispered to me."

"Noo!!We shouldn't!"I lied.
"Then im leaving you,"She replied getting up from the table.

"Fine!Only for a few minutes tho,"I lied about that big time!!!

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