Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


9. Grass

                                                  Harry's P.O.V

After awhile of watching them make out i decided to go to sleep.I know its been only a few days since me and Megan met but i guess she didnt care i was sleeping by her in the same bed.I laughed at this thaough.But how would i sleep if i slept naked?I guess one night cant hurt.

I climbed into bed beside megan.I wrapped my arms around her and closed my eyes.

                                               Megan's P.O.V

I could feel Harry's arms around me.I wasnt even fully asleep.I kept thinking about how my family would miss me,and that song he sang to me.

"Harry?I asked as a i found i couldnt fall asleep."

"Yeah Beautiful?He replied as his eyes fluttered open."

"I cant fall asleep,I said."

"Me ethier,He replied."
"I have an idea,He added."

"And what would that be?I asked giving a him a wink."

"Well are you hungry?He asked."
Its like he read my mind fully.

"Actualy im starving,I replied."

"Well meet me in the backyard,He siad as he got up and went out the door."

So i got up and put some shoes on.I went outside and sat down in a lounge chair as i waited for him to get out here.

I finally saw him with a basket.

"Come here,He told me as he reached for my hand to help me up."

I followed him.He stopped when he found a grassy spot and reached in the backet.He pulled out a blaket and layed it on the grass.Then put the basket down ontop of that.

"Omg!I havent had a piknik in forever!I whispered so i wouldnt wake anyone up."

"Oh really,He said as he sat down."

He patted the spot beside him for me to sit.So I sat there.

He pulled out the food and it looked yummy!


                                               Harry's P.O.V

Megan sat down next to me and i handed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Harry?Megan asked me."

"Everything okay?I asked woridly."

"Everything is perfect,But i was just wondering why you sang me that song,Ive heard that song before."

"I sang that to you because i wanted to show you how much im in love with you,And where have you heard that song before?I asked."

"My ex."

Everything went silent.It felt akward that i sang a song to her that an ex sang.That must of been a misake i guess.She started to shiver.
"Are you alright?I asked."

"Yea,just a little cold,She replied."

I pulled her closer so i could warm her up and i guess it had helped because she didnt shiver.

"Megan,I love you so much,I know its only been a few days,But....I started to say until she came closer to me kissing me more passinatly then a girl has ever done before.

It went on for awhile.Maybe a few hours.I wasnt for sure i didnt care.It felt good to see someone loved me back.

I tried to make it go farther because it felt so right.

"It cant go that far,Megan said with a laugh."

"Awwh why?I asked as i gave her the puppy dog face."

"Because Harry,Its been a few days,I ahve so much more i want to experience with you before we include another person."

"Alright,I replied with a laugh."

"We walked back up to the house and went into the room."

I put my arms around her and kept her close to me.I watched her fall asleep shortely after that i did.

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