Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


14. Cardboard

                                              Megan's P.O.V

I pulled away and didnt look back to who it was.I could hear their movement and they were running after me.I just kept running.

"Wait!"He yelled in a tired voice.

"What?" I asked stopping.

"Why are you running away?!"He asked me.

"Ask Harry!" I replied and started to walk.

"What do you mean?"He questioned me.

"He was making out with some girl!"I screamed as tears came down my face.

"Haahaha!That was cardboard,"He let ot a loud actual quite cute laugh.

I feel so stupid.But why was he making out with cardboard?Mhh.Im confused so i just let Niall catch up to me.

"But why?" I asked confused.

"He wanted to kiss you perfectly,"He commented.

"He already did that!"I replied and walked back to the house with him.


                                                    Niall's P.O.V

Im so hungry.I mean im always hungry but i havent ate in ages!Megan is so funny.She is so beautiful aswell,But ill keep that to myself.Harry and her are so cute i mean really he hasnt made-out with a cardboard person before.Just to make a girl feel better or whatever he was planning.I really hope me and Megan become good friends.Mhh,Cammy is probley kissing Liam so ill go get food with Zayn and Louis.

I opened the door letting Megan go first of course.I went to Louis's and room first and knocked on his door.

"Wanna go have some lunch with me and Zayn?"I screamed for him to hear.

"Sure!Where to?And dont say Nandos again,"He replied with a laugh.

"NANDOS!"I screamed.

"Noo!!Pizza King?"He asked me.

"Sure i guess,"I replied walking to Zayn's room.

"Zayn!Do you want to come eat with me and Louis?"I asked him.

"Be out in a second,"Zayn replied.

I walked out into the iving room waitng for them to get ready.Of course I saw Harry and Megan cuddling.They would talk at the comicals of the show but starred of into space when it came back on.I finally decided to say something.

"Me,Zayn,and Louis are going out to eat,"I replied.

"Okay!"Harry commented still looking at the Tv.

"Lets go!"I screamed.

Zay walked down the stairs first followed by Louis.They both just looked at Megan and Harry and rolled their eyes.We all walked to the car and got in.Louis taking to drivers seat and me and Zayn in the back.


                                                       Zayn's P.O.V

I wonder where we are going out to eat.Im starving im so glad Niall invited me to come.And Why does Harry get all the girls.Megan and Cammy were just beautiful.Im pretty sure they would never in a million years think about me like that.Why's it so quiet?I mean the car ride is noramally loud and annoying,But Louis ad Niall havent said a word since we got in the car.I wonder what they were thinking about.Niall was probley in his wonder of food land or something.Louis had probley just hada bad day or something had happened to him.Maybe i should ask...

"Vas Happening?"I asked looking out the window.

"Ehh,"Louis groaned.

"Huh?Niall's head jerked up.

"Me and Elenor broke up a while ago,"Louis replied tring to hold a tear back.


                                                        Louis's P.O.V

I was slowely forgetting about what happened 5 hours ago but now it all had came back to me.All i had in my mind was Megan and her bright smile.She acted like she knew me fully.She already had bought me icecream so i probley should pay her back some money.Im suprised all Niall did was put his head back on the window seel after i said that we had broke up.What was wrong with him?That im not sure of!Maybe he saw it coming.

We finally arrived at Pizza King and we alll jumped out.



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