Loving You Dearly

It all starts with Nando's , and it all ends with Nando's. Megan and Cammy who are going there to grab some late time food run into their celebrity crushes. Or do they?


1. Nandos

It was a late Friday night.Megan was spending the night with her best friend Cammy.They had alway's spent the night on Fridays.They alway's were hyper and mostely happy.They had many moments..but the one they wont forget is meeting One Direction....

"Cammy!"Im starving.

"Alright then lets go to Nandos for some food,"Cammy replied.

"YA!"I screamed almost falling back in the couch..

I get all exictied when we go there..Its like my favorite restraunt...........

"Hahahaha!,Well lets go,"Cammy said with a laugh.

She grabbed the keys..I stole them..I always loved driving it annoys me when Cammy drives she is off the road to much...

"No!!You always drive it's my turn,"She yelled sarcastely.

"To Bad!"I said.
We hopped into the car I drove down the road for a few miles untill we found Nandos...I Smiled!


                                                        Cammy's P.O.V

And this is one reason why we are best friends.

We walked into the restraunt.I saw 5 hot guys but I wasn't going to tell Megan because I knew she would be stupid about it.

We sat two booth's away from them..I guess she had saw them to....

"What are we going to do tommow?"She asked.

"I dont know,"I replied not even caring to look at her..I was staring at them boys..They were seriously Hot!I probly should of stopped looking at them from the start because Megan looked back.

"CAMMY!Stop looking at them!"Megan whispered.

"Why?Its not like im dating anyone or something,"I replied still looking at them.

"Okay thats true,"She replied..She started to stare a little to....

After awhile we had totally forgotton about them and started talking about random things as we normally did.

"Well hello there,"A guy said waking over to our table.

"Uhmm do we know y....Cammy started to say untill she relised it was one of them hot guys."Megan stared at me....


                                                Megan's P.O.V

Did that really hot guy just come over here!!!!!I was about to scream...I didnt tho luckly..

"Hey,"I said.

"Mhh,You look pretty good in a hoodie and shorts,"He told me.

CRAP!I forgot i had them on..I probley looked like an idiot...

"Thanks,"I said with a smile.

"Oh your welcome cutie,"He told me.

"ANYWAYS!"Cammy screamed getting jealous.

Had she really just done that!I was about to smack her across the face!

"What brings you here?"Cammy asked.

"Just wanted to talk to the blondie,"He replied staring up an down my body.

"She Has A Name!"Cammy yelled getting annoyed.
"Whats your name hottie?"He asked.

"My name is Megan."

"Well Megan,Do you and your friend want to come sit with us?"He asked.

"Of course!"I screamed not very loud tho before Cammy could say no thanks.

Cammy stared at me straight in the eye i knew she was annnoyed..I didnt really care at the moment the hottest guy from that table had just called me hot.I noticed he had a britsh ascent once he interduced me to everyone....

"This is Niall,Louis,Liam,And Zayn,"He said pointing to each of them.

"Hello!"I said with a smile.

"And who are you?"I asked.

"My name is Harry...Harry Styles,He said to me.

His Brown curly hair was hot.I mean real hot..His voice..I cant even describe how cute it is..And just everything about him was perfect.Just for me<3

"This is Cammy,"I interduced her to everyone she groaned.

"Whats wrong with you?"Louis asked..I was pretty sure it was louis.

"Im Fine,"Cammy said with a rude voice.

"Mhhh."Louis got up from the table and gave her hug,and pulled her to sit down by him.

"Uhmm?Thanks i guess,"She said.

"Cammy cheer up!"I said.

"Ya alright,"She replied.

"We should play a game!!!!"Niall yellled.

"Like what?"Zayn asked.

"TRUTH OR DARE!"Harry exclaimed.

"Do you girls wanna play?"Louis asked us.

"Ya sure,"I replied taking a seat in between Harry and Nail.

We started to play the game..Yup me and Cammy was hanging with 5 hot guys....





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