My life as Jenna Malik

Jenna is Zayn Malik's little sister she loves her big bro so much. While working one day she finds out that her brother is in a band and he wants her to meet the rest of the boys little does she know one of the member's likes her alot! will she like him back? will they go out? will zayn approve? Read to find out!


1. Waiting

I'm waiting. Waiting with my mom and dad.Waiting and watching the little T.V screen in the back. I'm listening to my big brother sing . He always loved singing Zayn sang to me our younger sisters and even in the shower he never really liked the idea of performing in front of people let alone on a T.V show. After he finished the judges were whispering among them selves then it happened the first male judge gave him a yes then the next judge she was blown away and gave him a yes then it was the last judges turn i recognized him as Simon Cowell . He was known as the meanest judge but he looked at my brother and said... Yes! i couldn't believe it my face was starting to get wet i was so happy for Zayn he was finally living his dream and i was proud to be his little sister.

My name is Jenna Marie Malik  im 16 and i have straight black hair and hazelish brown eyes so Zayn and i kind of look the same. We have nicknames for each other his for me is gem. Not because i'm his "gem" it also reminds him of my initials jmm my name for him is zaynie. I'm waiting backstage because he is auditioning for some show called The X Factor. Our mom is Trisha and our dad is Yasir. We have three sisters so it goes Donyia(oldest) Zayn(second oldest) me(middle child) then our younger sisters Waliyha  and Safaa. Out of all our sisters Zayn and i have the closest relationship. The day he told us he wanted to audition was surprising but we were happy for him.

Jenna's p.o.v

I can't believe it mom Zayn is finally here and he already has two yes's!!! i said I know Jenna! you do realize if the last judge says yes Zayn will be away from home for awhile right? she replied I know mom ill manage i said with a smile just the it was the last judges turn. Well Zayn that performance was amazing so i'm going to go with.... yes! i saw Zayn smile i started crying he ran backstage he saw me and hugged me and whispered gem i made it! i giggled and said i know zaynie i'm so proud! he let go and went to everyone else and was hugging them i kept thinking about what my mom said the house was going to be quiet without him whistling everywhere and not singing in his room. I was bullied constantly Zayn was the only one who comforted me after school would sing to me if i cried and now i wouldn't have that for a few months. 

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