My life as Jenna Malik

Jenna is Zayn Malik's little sister she loves her big bro so much. While working one day she finds out that her brother is in a band and he wants her to meet the rest of the boys little does she know one of the member's likes her alot! will she like him back? will they go out? will zayn approve? Read to find out!


2. A Band?!

Jenna's p.o.v

9:30 AM  shut up!!!!! i yelled at my alarm it was time to go to work yay! i thought i hated work people who were messy , inconsiderate and down right stupid yup that was my day. I worked at McDonald's as the cashier and garbage clean up. I was putting my hair in a messy bun when my phone rang the ringtone was Firework  by Katy Perry once i herd it i knew it was my friend Cassie. " hey gurl almost ready for work??- Cass  "yup let me get my visor on."-Jenna "k be their in a few."-Cass i closed my phone put my visor on grabbed my bag and went downstairs. "bye mom bye dad." i kissed their cheeks and sat on the porch and waited for Cassie. We have been friends since we were in diapers as soon as i tied my laces on my sneakers she pulled up in her red mini cooper i wanted one so bad! i got in and we drove to work. I had to work till 8:30 pm oh joy! i said sarcastically i was sweeping the floor at 8:25 and i got a call it started playing Gives You Hell by All American Rejects that's my ringtone for ...Zayn!? i answered excitedly " Zaynie?!?!?!" "Gem!!!! you will not believe this but guess what!!!! "What?!?!?!?! Tell me?!?!?!?!" "I'm..... IN A BAND!!!!!" "WHAT?!!? REALLY??!!! THATS GREAT!!!!!!!!" "i know!! hey in about a week ill come visit you and you can meet the other boys OK?" "that sounds great what are their  names?"  "Well their is Harry quite cheeky Louis he is funny you will like him Liam responsible Niall the Irish one and me your big brother!" i could tell he was smiling "I miss you Zaynie." "I miss you to Gem but ill be their in a week OK i promise!" " OK love you big bro." " love you too  little sis bye." with that he hung up i started to cry i miss him so much i couldn't wait for this week to go by quickly . Cassie saw me and ran over to me she must have saw me crying "Jen what's wrong?!" "Nothing Cass its just Zayn is in a band and he wont be here till next week to see me i just miss him so much!" i said while sobbing.  *A/N sorry if this next part isn't what happened i just thought it would make sense in the story lol:)*  

Zayn's p.o.v

i hung up with Jenna and i knew she would cry i felt bad but she will see me in a week. " Now you boys will have to spend time with each other to get to no one another." I herd somebody say that but didn't know who i turned around and saw the rest of the boys some of them were in tears  " So anyone got any band names??" i said "rabid monkeys?!?!?!" "No lou ." Harry said with a laugh " What about Liam and the boys??" "really Liam?!" said Niall  " I got it! how about One Direction?" Harry said "sounds good!" we all said in unison. I whisperd quietly to my self "One week jenna just wait ill be there."

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