Life goes on !!

life goes on i suppose if you really want it to i mean some of us think were better than every one and there are others who think no one cares well im going to tell you a story of this type of thing.


1. 1

Don't you fell like there's always someone there to make you feel bad about your self, and make you doubt your even very existence well there was always someone like that when i was growing up and she wasn't very nice at all. And this is how she did it.

Another rude comment from her i don't know what to do im losing it, im acting more crazy than usual and all my friends are starting to notice. but what they don't notice is that every day i go home after school and sometimes when im walking home I start to cry and I cry in my room im always listening to sad music and crying or im writing in my diary about how bad my day was. thing is my parents don't notice it either and it is hard to keep the tears coming out of my eyes. sometimes it even feels like no one cares just like my parents don't know how much pain im in.

sometimes i even come home crying but my mother doesn't care she just sits there not caring. and I don't think she likes me, most of the time its like im not there and its just my little brother.

anyway im at school and she comes along the 'princess'.

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