Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


4. The labyrinth she calls home

Even the elevator looked fancy, as they went up to the 10th floor. Miller kept dancing in front of the mirror, as the one behind it reflected so it looked like there were a thousand of him. Nathalie sighed annoyed and had to clench her fists so that she wouldn't hit him, and growled:

“Could you... stop doing the childish act?” She often had to keep her cool, as her image was on display constantly, even the security camera was admiring her elegant and wonderful looks.

“Oh c'mon Nathalie, didn't you do this at first?” He laughed and kept spinning around, trying to catch his own reflection.

“I fear that the Genetic Field have given you some childish traits...” She rubbed her forehead, and felt unbelievably relieved when the doors opened and she quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the mirrors, and into the high class hallway.

“If I may ask, why do you live at a hotel?” He put his hands in the pockets of the pants, and followed a few steps behind her, as her high heels echoed up and down the hallway.

“Well I travel a lot, due to my job and... you know, my 'job'.” She hinted at the job as a Guardian, and Miller almost said that out loud to notify that he got it, but also understood it'd be unwise to talk about everywhere.

“Here we are.” She said and opened a white door, that said “131. Nathalie Sol.”

Inside was just as fancy as outside, decorations that came from all across the world, managed to fit all across her home. The furniture even looked even more expensive than the ones down in the lobby, and that went for the paintings too, which was more than a few, and most of them was herself posing. The floor were of a most expensive wood he'd figure, and a small red carpet ran over it and continued down the long hallway. Next to the door stood a golden hall-stander and she dropped her giant coat and beanie on it, revealing her magnificent form, which she had covered up with expensive jeans and a orange top without straps. As she leaned to the side to get her shoes off, she noticed Miller's amazed look and chuckled at his open mouth and big eyes.

“See something you like?” When she spoke, it pulled Miller out of his trance and blushed from the sudden exposure of his obvious interest.

“Wha-what? No! I mean not that you don't- I- Ah!” He gave up on words and threw his hands up in refusal, and it only made her laugh more and him blush more.

“Take your shoes off before you go further in. I gave the staff free for the week, so here's not that clean, and I wouldn't wish to burden them any further.” She said before walking barefooted into her living room and disappear from his line of sight.

As he stripped his feet bare of shoes, he kept looking around with an admiring look, his mouth just wouldn't close, as he had never seen so much expensive stuff in one place. Some things wasn't even from this time, which only proved that she was “older” than 100, even though Shapes didn't age.

He could then hear something boil loudly, before it gave a “click” and then lowered it's volume.

“What was that?” He asked and tried to make his way to the living room, but this had become a labyrinth.

A rather clean and neat one, what did she mean by “not so clean”?

“It was the kettle, you up for some tea?” She yelled to make sure he could hear her, and got a laughable response, but she had been laughing more than usual these last couple of hours.

“I-I would like to try it, but... I'm lost...” He felt embarrassed, and her laughter didn't make it better.

“Stand still, I'll find you!” She almost couldn't make out the words from her laughter, and began walking up and down the hallway, and passed through several rooms that were never really used, but just there because why not.

“How did you get this entangled anyway? I only left you, like, a few minutes ago.” She yelled and tried to figure out where he actually was, but he too had begun moving around, only to get even more lost in this hotel room.

“Well why do you have such a big place, when it's only you?” He asked and opened a door to a bathroom, which weren't much smaller than the rest of the rooms, with its giant marble bathtub and and marble toilet and marble sink. Everything was made of marble, or covered in gold in here, it was crazy and too bright for his eyes.

“Well I offer a place to stay for the new ones, until their companion finds them. It's common courtesy between Shapes. If I hadn't found you, another Shape would have, and taken you in until I'd find you. But if I'd known you'd disappear this easily into my department, I would have kept you on a leash!” At first she had sounded caring and sincere, but the last part came out bitter and annoyed, and Miller gave a slight nervous chuckle, not that she heard it.

He then found his way to a room that were decorated with tiles on the ground and walls, not necessarily marble like most of the bathrooms. This was however a bit messy. Dishes stood over the desk and into the sink, and spots decorated the tables.

“I'm a terrible cook.” A voice said from behind him, and he almost jumped at it, but did let out a shocked gasp.

Nathalie walked up next to him and gave a wry smile. “Don't go wander off like that again, you're lucky you managed to get here.” She then walked over to one of the counters and reached for the sugar and then paused and looked over her shoulder, and at Miller. 

“Do you use milk in your tea?” She asked and Miller looked confused at her, as he walked up to the two cups of hot water.

“I... don't know.” She gave him a look just as confused as his own, but a few moments after, she realized that he had never tasted milk nor tea before.

“Oh. Right.” She then didn't bother use the milk, and gave them both three teaspoons of sugar, and began stirring her own, where Miller did the same.

He knew how to handle tea, the Genetic Field had given him the knowledge to, and he stirred just like she did, before following her into the next room. This was a messy room. Magazines, shoes, clothes and water bottles covered the floor and parts of the table, that stood in front of a sofa with a chaise lounge and a chair, all in white fabrics, facing towards a fireplace whit a flat screen above it.

“Come sit... We're going to figure out who you are.”

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