Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


11. The intruder

As he slowly regained consciousness, he could hear chains rattle and had to try and remember what just happened and where he was.

“Huh...? Nathalie...? Nathalie!” It struck him hard, and suddenly he was wide awake and saw he was facing a marble floor.

For a moment he hoped it to be Nathalie's bathroom floor, but a new voice assured him, that he weren't as lucky.

“Ah! And so the other one awakens!”

Other one? He looked up, and in front of him, was a grand throne, surrounded by guards, and on the glorious chair sat a Queen with a marvellous golden crown, and the Queen herself was very beautiful, and she had a yellow glow around her.

“I take it that her name is Nathalie then?” The Queen, Dawn, asked and motioned towards the other Shape.

Miller got surprised at the way Nathalie crouched on the ground, almost expressionless, with a small twist of sorrow and maybe fear too. She used to seem so proud, so brave, but now she seemed the exact opposite of her usual appearance. He noticed something beneath her glisten, was it... water? Tears?

“And what is your name?” He looked up, as Dawn spoke to him, and chills ran down his back as the way she was glaring at him, almost evil and cold.

“Miller, my Lady.” He said, trying to act along with the scenery.

“Ah-ha...” She didn't sound convinced and actually rather suspicious, but this was her dream after all, and she decided everything that happened.

Miller had again forgotten that this wasn't real.

“My guards tell me that you came from outside of the walls? Where do you origin from, Miller?” She asked, and he looked at Nathalie, who still appeared speechless, almost as if she weren't actually there, but more like a doll.

Had she even blinked once?

“Is she okay?” He asked and didn't look away from her, but flinched as Dawn's voice echoed loudly as she got annoyed.

“Answer me!” She roared like an unsatisfied lioness, and it actually scared a primitive part of Miller.

“To tell you the truth, your Highness...” He hesitated and tried to make up a story in his head, as he glanced at Nathalie that still hadn't moved.

“We're here to protect you from a great danger that lurks! Someone is out to kill you!” He blurted out and she actually looked shocked by his words, maybe a bit afraid of what he had said, even though it was her dream.

“An assassin! He has come here to kill you, the Queen, and we've been sent from the heavens to save you!” He kept on, trying to convince her, and even though she now appeared afraid and disturbed, the guards remained quiet and still.

“Your guards can't save you! Only we can! This is what we're meant to do!” And not a second after, the Queen ordered them to be freed, and the guards did so without hesitation.

As soon as the shackles fell to the ground, Miller got up and rushed to Nathalie's side, only realizing after that, that the spear was gone from his wing, but a bloody hole remained.

“She's okay, no worries, just shocked I guess. But now, tell me, this assassin?” Dawn asked and ran elegantly to them.

“I'm afraid that I cannot tell you where he is, who he is, or when he'll strike... But I'll do my best...” He was aware that he didn't have much time, and so was this intruder aware of.

Miller felt like he had to take care of Nathalie, as she looked rather shook up, but he had a duty and he stood up, taller than the Queen and felt her admiring gaze.

“My, but aren't you a handsome one...” She said shamelessly, as she had him figured for a part of the dream, and felt no embarrassment to it.

Miller blushed from the compliment and felt warm inside at her words. He looked around the throne room, and Dawn followed troop.

“What are you looking for?” Her cold and evilish act had disappeared, and he could see the afraid kid behind her mask.

“Him.” Miller said in a short and determined tone, looking around with careful eyes, hunting for a purple glow.

His heart began beating harder and faster, as he saw one of the guards covered in a purple glow, that had begun moving towards them in a rather quick pace, and it all suddenly happened so quickly, as his instincts kicked in, and he threw himself in front of Dawn. If she died, they died, and the intruder would finally be able to enter the realm Miller and Nathalie was supposed to protect, through Dawns body.

Intruders had many skills, and one of them was that they could smuggle things into dreams, whereto Shapes couldn't. Items as in weapons, weapons as in guns. His heart began beating even more, and he barely got to react to anything, before the gun had fired, and he felt his right shoulder get pushed back, along with a minimal pain as something hit it, and so everything grew darker around him, but he could still see a little bit, as he fought for his eyes to stay open.

Suddenly he were laying on the floor, and he heard a familiar voice scream his name, and red locks of hair began dancing before his sight.

“Miller!” Nathalie cried and held him, he could see blood flow over her legs, and her lips calling his name.

“Nath...Nathalie...” He tried to speak, but why was it so difficult? This was just a dream after all.

He noticed her clenching her fists and giving a smaller growl, before standing up and turned towards the intruder.

Miller gave a light but difficult chuckle, as he saw the intruder began shaking. True fear had struck his face, and he didn't move much, except for his eyes as they followed a furious redhead. Miller couldn't see everything that happened, as he sometimes had his eyes closed for a longer time, but he heard the sound of a fight and a few gunshots.

He suddenly felt a lot heavier, and pain began biting him in his shoulder. Never had he imagined a feeling this terrible, and he almost began screaming from the pain, but something was covering his mouth, but it didn't stop the tears from falling from his eyes. Everything was dark, even though he could sense that his eyes were open.

“I got you, don't worry.” A voice, Nathalie's voice, said to him in a shaking and terrified tone, as he felt them move.

His own feet was slow at keeping up, and he often stumbled over them, yet Nathalie kept catching him.

“Just a bit further.” He didn't know where he was, but he felt everything that happened very clearly. He thought he was going to die. 

“David! Help me, God he's heavy!” She yelled.

David? Who was David? Suddenly he couldn't feel Nathalie any more, and he began panicking, his left arm flailing around after her, as he couldn't move the right due to the pain.

“It's okay Miller, I'm right here!”

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