Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


1. The creation

It was the next in the line, it was now it was going to become a person. In this beautiful moment, it looked like everyone else in the empty whiteness. 6 feet tall, slim build and completely anonymous. It didn't breathe yet, it had no heartbeat or any body warmth, no feelings yet and no gender. It was just a white Shape like everything else, only created a few minutes back.

There stood only one Shape in front of it, and a golden coin flipped, the only thing that had any colour to it, the only thing that stood out in this room. Which side of the coin, was going to determine it's being, where after it would be tossed into a random dimension, learning their culture, language and ethics as it was being created, as it was being “born”. The coin landed in the palm of the gate-keeper, and it showed off the feminine side, bearing the sign of the female gender. Just as the rest had before it, it walked with a characterless rhythm, towards the door that was marked with the female token. Slowly and soundless, the door opened with gliding down, into the floor and behind it was there yet another room with colourless walls, yet the floor were a step further down and bore every colour that existed.

It was what's called a “Genetic Field”, where in it possessed every genetic trait that existed. This were going to randomly throw genetics at a Shape as it would go through it, creating the looks of the person, it forms the Shape into a realistic person so that they would fit into society.

But as the Shape, the female, vanished through the floor, it was the next Shape's turn. A Shape does not possess any kind of traits at all before it's “born”, so without any kind of hesitation or emotion, it walked up next to the gate-keeper and watched the coin flip. This time it showed off the opposite side of the coin, the masculine mark of a male. It showed no anger or enjoyment to the decision, as it began walking towards the first door, in the same manner as the others, and waited for the door to open.

Behind the door was the same fashioned room as behind the female door, white walls and a colourful floor. Though this only possessed male traits, as that had been divided up into the two genders. From the moment it would pass this field, it would become a he.

It leaned forward and dived into the floor as it swooped down through the Genetic Field.

And from that moment on, it felt alive. He felt alive. He took his very first breath of the clean air, blinked for the first time and had his first thought and feeling. “I'm truly alive?” He asked himself and smiled in this joyful moment of being “born”. Within seconds he learned everything there is. Math, language, self defence, manners. Everything that was expected from a 25 years old man. There were no school to educate him, no parents to nurture him, no guide to instruct him. Everything was just thrown at him at once, but it was not overwhelming for him, he were created for this very purpose. He watched his hands, as nails grew from the tips and hair began growing over the pale skin. He turned and twisted his hand and looked at the patterns in his palm, the fingerprints that began dancing over the skin. He then felt the bones that ran through him, his ribs, facial structure, toes. Every naked centimetre was felt up as he stood bare and alone. As his hands fell over his chest, he could feel his heart beat and his chest rise as he took in the healthy air. He felt the small curves of his lips, as he touched them with his fingertips, and felt his teeth up with his tongue before sticking it out so that he could feel it with his fingers, as he had done with everything else. He then noticed something black hanging right before his eyes and gently felt it. It was so delicate and thin, he thought that he would break it, but he quickly realized what it was, and recognized it as hair and trailed it back up to his head. He had much of it, and it hang down around his face as a little helmet of tousled black hair. As he was done feeling himself up with curious hands, he noticed something else. He felt satisfied, he weren't hungry or sleepy or needed to use the bathroom. Then, from out of nowhere, clothes were dropped to the floor from above him, and he didn't give it a second thought before putting it on. The normal underwear as boxers and a pair of socks, fashionable torn pants, a white tank top and a rather large, yet fitting, blue checked shirt and at last, a pair of white sneakers, just his size. Everything seemed to fit perfectly.

Then he was shown the light...

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