Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


10. On the run

When they quietly landed on the ground on the other side of the wall, Nathalie was shaking like a leaf as she kept on holding around Miller.

“Nathalie, you can let go now...” He said and almost sounded apologetic, as she opened her eyes and saw the crowd ignore them, except for a few that looked their way.

Almost none of them had wings, and all wore normal clothes to a certain extend. She tried to take a deep, calming breath, but it only shook just as much as the rest of her, as she stepped down upon the ground again. For a few seconds, she stood still, trying to collect her thoughts. 

“Nathalie I'm sor-” He wanted to apologize, but got cut off as Nathalie slapped him with her bleeding hand, and now he had to realize what had just happened.

“You can't feel that yet, but trust me! You will!” She growled at him from behind clenched teeth.

“Did you just... hit me?” He asked, but then saw her turn around and walk, not getting an answer for the question, as she stomped off.

“Come, we need to find the Queen.” She growled.

He stood idly by, as he watched her disappear into the crowd, a foolish time to stop, but Nathalie were too angry to care.

“Over there! He's one of the intruders!” A gruff voice yelled, and Miller had a feeling that it was him they meant, and he turned around to see a bunch of guards following his way.

That moment, something clicked inside of him and he finally began running the same way Nathalie had walked for just moments ago. He violently pushed everyone aside, and kept repeating Nathalie's name as he called for her, but he heard no response and almost set off into the air, when her familiar red hair began swinging not too far away as Nathalie was still stomping rapidly away.

“Nathalie!” He gave her one last shout, before reaching for her hand, and even when he got a hold of it, he didn't stop running and just pulled her along.

“What the- Miller!” She complained and once her feet got a hang of the pace, Miller let go of her hand and tried to explain:

“The guards, they're coming!”

Nathalie looked back at the giant armors trying to catch up on them.

“I told you it was a stupid idea!” She wanted to hit him again, but that would only slow them down.

“C'mon! Let's fly, it's easier to get-” Nathalie quickly cut Miller off, and yelled at him in anger:

“They have wings too! What is wrong with you, I'll never ever let you plan anything ever again! We just end up getting killed!”

They had to pass a corner, and Nathalie almost fell in it, but Miller was quick to grab her and get her up on her feet again, when he opened his mouth, and Nathalie predicted his plan.

“No, we're not going to fight them, we have no armor and no weapons. You really wants us killed, don't you?!” She hissed and looked back at their pursuers.

She then didn't notice what stood in front of her, and it was inevitable what happened then, where Miller didn't get time to react. It was a painful crash between Nathalie and some booth selling fish, and she fell right down on the ground, lying on her back as everything got black for a moment. She might not have felt the pain the crash would have done, but she felt a bit dizzy afterwards, as Miller fought to get her up.

“Nathalie, if you don't get up, the guards will get us!” He felt fear take over, and he saw the sun get blocked by the guards big armors, as they stood and looked down at the two of them on the ground.

“Well well, guess who's getting a free trip to the gallows now?” The guard smirked and sheathed his sword, reaching out for them, and Miller could only think of one thing.

Getting Nathalie to safety.

“You're going to hate me for this Nathalie...” He apologized before hand, and she gave a blurred answer, as it didn't occur to her what he was thinking this time, even though it was obvious.

Just before the giant gloved hand could touch Nathalie, Miller made a rapid and foolish move and hit it, picked up Nathalie, and shot into the air with a few, yet quick, beat of his wings. Nathalie reacted as expected, screaming and yelling at him, begging him to let go as they went into the air above the city's houses.

“Don't let them get away!” Someone yelled from below, and quickly the sky was full of winged guards, that chased the poor couple of Shapes.

“Miller, if they don't kill you, I damn sure will!” She began calling him names, and again rant about his stupidity and fail at making decision.

It was all very distracting, and he just wanted her to shut up, but he had to avoid the spears they threw after him and still stay focused on both holding Nathalie up and alive, and keeping his course at the castle at the other end of the city. He felt a need to prove his worth to her, for whatever reason, but that suddenly mattered little, as he felt a pinch on his wing, and Nathalie gave another scream and then his name.

“Oh my God Miller! Your wing!” He felt them lose height, and saw that a spear had gone straight through his right wing, and he quickly realised his doomed state of abilities.

“Nathalie, I can't...” He gave up on the sentence, the same moment that is wing gave up beating, and they now began their descend, headed downwards to meet the ground.

Even though it seemed hopeless, Nathalie still did her best to fight her phobia, and mid-air, she quickly, with shaking limbs, grabbed Miller's hand. He tried to hold around hers too, but for some reason he felt dizzy and almost couldn't keep up as he at last blacked out.

“No Miller! Don't- Not now! Please!” She begged, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the wings to beat quick enough, and from pure fear, she too fainted.

“We're so dead...”

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