Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


5. Not much progress

“But isn't it night? Aren't we supposed to be at work?” He asked as the first thing after he had taken a seat next to her, as she filled the length of the chaise lounge.

“No not tonight, you never work your first night. But I digress – you're sure you want to keep your name? Miller Barker?” She asked with a wry smile, as she had gotten enough of laughing at it, but he still felt slightly offended.

“Yes. And I can't see why this is so important!” He felt mocked and crossed his legs with a huff, before sipping his tea.

“Oh it's very important allright. You can't just wander around with nothing but a name! That's too suspicious, even in human standards.” She too sipped from her tea, but she had a more silent and elegant way of doing so. Then again, everything she did, she did in a dancing way with thoroughly thought moves.

“Hm – what about talents? You need an image, a background. So far, you are from my old school, an old friend of mine... I don't think you'd be good with modelling, though I have to admit that the Genetic Field has been kind...” She checked him from head to toe, which actually made him feel uncomfortable, and he hid his face in the hot cup.

“Maybe a musician... As you're quite new, we don't know about the skills and abilities you have, but we'll see over time.” She kept on looking at him, as they both drank the rest of their tea, and whilst she plotted his entire life in her head.

“Got it,” she suddenly said and gave Miller a slight scare at the sudden move, as she leaned up closer.

“You're from my home town and we went to school together, we were best friends, you're a lone child, your parents were oh so rich, but when they died, you donated all the money to charity, which is why you have to live with me.” She paused and gave him a moment to remember it all, as she had rather quickly rhymed it all up.

“We don't know what your skills is yet, so we'll have to avoid questions about your living... Is there anything you think I missed?” He stretched out as far as he could in a yawn and dumped down again, feeling every muscle suddenly relax as they felt heavy, was he getting tired?

“Hmm... Nope, I'd say you got it all this far, the rest will come along as we go I guess.” He mumbled and barely had his eyes open, as his head could barely keep up.

“Yeah, you're right... You appear to have the common knowledge of minor things that humans do, and that goes for sleep too.” She yawned as well and rested against him, but did try to fight the sudden tired feeling.

But this just felt so good, being this close to another Shape again, it felt so differently than humans, softer, warmer. Closer to home.

“Why do I suddenly feel so... at peace?” Miller managed to mumble out between heavy lips, and Nathalie was close not to answer him.

“It's just our energies, as we're both Shapes. I can't explain it deeper than that, as I don't know myself.” And their eyes finally sealed shut, closing for today so that they may rest.

But not that it lasted too long, before an annoying buzzing sounded, and some catchy music played a luring tone and woke them both up.

“What's that for an annoying thing?!” Miller growled and hid his face in his hands, and felt something heavy rest in his lap, whereto he found Nathalie trying to wake up too.

“My phone...” She mumbled annoyed.

For some reason, he didn't react much to it, other than he reached for her phone, so that she could shut it up. He didn't want her to move, as the feeling of being at peace was too good to be true, but when she saw whatever it said on the phone, she flew up and almost panicked, which really woke Miller up.

“What?! What's wrong?” He tried to stand, but his legs felt so weak, that he almost collapsed onto the couch again and he ended up supporting himself on the messy table, pushing over a few things as they were in his way.

“It's a call for assistance...”

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