Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


9. No pain in dreams

With a calm movement, Nathalie walked slowly to the side of the unicorn, which didn't give her much attention and just kept on grazing. It did though look at her, as she stood right next to it, and she gave it this friendly smile, as it sniffed her hand and moved up her head. She gave a light and kind chuckle, as it began nuzzling her and she patted it.

“You know how to ride one?” Miller asked, as he flew up next to them and hesitated to touch the rather large animal, but it didn't mind him.

“Remember how 'old' I am, of course I have. Even without a saddle.” She kept smiling and couldn't stop, for some reason, animals affected her like that, and Miller could clearly sense it.

Placing her hands on it's back, she gave a few jumps before finally mounting the unicorn, and it had a strange trust in her, but then again, this was still a dream, which Miller easily forgot.

Then they were on their way, quickly passing every tree stub, not noticing that they were actually the only 'humans' there were to be seen for many miles.

“So, we got a plan or something? How do we know it, when we see the intruder. Beside the obvious purple glow he should have.” Miller asked as he flew around Nathalie and the unicorn.

He couldn't help himself but to do a few spins and tricks in the air, as it was really entertaining to fly, and his nausea had completely vanished.

“Well, first we need to get inside if possible. And he should be near the dreamer, that girl Dawn. So we find her, we find him. And she wont be difficult finding, due to her yellow glow.” Nathalie explained as she leaned forward to gain speed.

The wind pulled in her hair, and she hid her wings as much as she could, so it wouldn't slow them down. It felt so far, as the road kept on in one straight way, there weren't even a single side road or nothing, it only came from one way and went one way. It would have been easier if she hadn't been afraid of heights.

There were no way to know how long time they had left, or when the girl would wake up from her dream. This was a very risky job they had, if they died here, they died in real life, if the girl woke up and saw them, they'd go to jail and become stripped from their status as Shapes, and the same would happen if the mother would come into her daughters room. So everything had to happen in a rush, as quickly as possible, so not much time for lollygagging as they kept a steady pace that sometimes would increase. Neither Miller nor the unicorn got exhausted from the speed they had to keep up, which was one of the things that reminded Miller this was just a dream, no matter how realistic it seemed, he couldn't feel a thing. He could hear the horses hooves touching the ground and his wings beating, and he could barely feel the wind pulling his hair and the wings move. But it was all still only the slightest feel.

“I'm amazed that the cloth is still hanging on...” He mumbled and looked down himself for a short second, down to where the white, clean cloth flapped in the wind like a flag, but it kept it's place.

As they got very close to the wall, they saw two guards standing before a giant gate. They too had wings, but wore heavy armors instead of light cloths. Their armors shone brightly as if they were brand new, made out of gold and silver, making them look even bigger.

“Halt! Who comes?!” One of them yelled, and the two Shapes stopped up.

Miller cast Nathalie an unsure glance, but she kept on a confident expression.

“Let me handle this...” She said and began slowly walking up to the guard that had asked the question, still sitting on the unicorn.

Miller didn't follow her, he just landed on the ground and awaited any further instruction. He stood behind and admired her bravery, as she stopped up next to the guard and came up with some lie.

“We come from a kingdom far away, we have been travelling for weeks to come here and talk with the Queen. We're gifts from a suitor, hand-picked servants for her highness.”

The guard stood and glared at her for a while, giving her this suspicious look, when he finally spoke: “There is only one kingdom. Only this kingdom. There exists no habitable areas outside of these walls. Leave once again, and if I ever see you again, I'll personally escort you two to the gallows, and have you hung.” He said and both of them pulled their swords at her, both of them slightly touching her throat.

This set off an alarm in Miller, and he was quickly off of his feet and headed their way.

“Miller no!” Nathalie yelled as loudly as she now could with a pair of sharp blades slightly scraping her throat, making it bleed slightly.

But he didn't stop, and one of the two guards removed his sword from Nathalie, and turned towards Miller as he neared them. His angry face was actually rather humorous to look at, as this was the first time he had looked like this. As both guards were distracted by him, Nathalie saw her chance and pushed the sword away with a quick move of her hand, yet the sharpness of the blade cut her palm, but it only felt like a slight touch of something cold and she didn't pay much attention to it.

Miller made a quick evasive twirl, and the guards sword only lightly touched his wings, cutting off a few feathers, but nothing lethal.

As the guard next to Nathalie lifted his sword, to make another swing, assured to hit her critically, she panicked as it came towards her, and began screaming Miller's name again and again.

“Miller! Miller help! I swear if you don't come and get me, I'm going to die-” She yelled, aware that she couldn't get herself moving, when suddenly, she couldn't feel the unicorn any more, and heard it scream, as the sword hit it instead of her.

Within mere seconds, the sword had vanished from her sight, and Miller's head now threw it's shadow over her, whereto it took her a few moments to react.

“You... you saved me?” For a short moment, Miller thought he saw her look thankful, but it quickly turned around to a frown, and he rolled his eyes.

“What the hell are you doing Miller?! You should have let me handle it! I could have died you big idiot! Now we're criminals! Everyone will know what we did, and we'll never get near Dawn, we'll lose her! She'll become an abomination! It's all over!” Nathalie kept rambling on and on about how stupid he was, and made it sound like it was the end of the world. Which it actually could end up with.

Miller didn't pay much attention to her paranoid ramble, and kept flying upwards, counting the seconds until she noticed.

“And I-” She suddenly grew quiet, and Miller stopped counting as he made it to 26, and her ramble became a stutter.

“M-M-M-Miller!” Was all she said as her eyes grew wide in fear and held harder around Miller, pressing the air out of his lungs.

“We're halfway up, you can do it Nathalie!”

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