Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


2. Nathalie Sol

He blinked once and the light he had seen was gone, but just so were the emptiness he stood in before. Now he was staring at a brick wall, he could smell urine and garbage and saw that he was standing in an alley. He gave a disgusted frown from the stench and turned towards the quiet street. He wasn't surprised by the peacefulness that had claimed the street, as the moon shone elegantly down amidst the stars. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, but then again, he had just been starring at a brick wall.

Only a few humans walked around, as the night had started and parties was thrown in basement clubs and bars. Someone approached him, a tall woman with red curls dancing down her back, green eyes and lots of freckles going from one chin to the other, across her nose. She wore a giant coat, high heels and a beanie hat.

“Are you the new one?” She whispered and avoided eye contact with him and looked around the street, she had an alerted look and never paused on one spot for too long.

“What?” He asked in confusion and looked around too, trying to figure out why she acted this way.

“What's your name?” She asked and finally decided for eye contact and he was taken back by her way of looking at him, almost as if she was looking for something on him.

He was so confused, his mind went everywhere it could, thinking of something to say.

“What was it she asked me? My name? Oh dear God what do I answer?!” He thought loudly and only replied with “uh” and “uhm”, and his eyes finally found something he hoped useful.

Not too far ahead, he saw the writing on a window to a bakery: “Millers Bakery” and he used it as his answer.

“Miller! Uh... Miller Barker.” He shouted a bit, and she took a step back at the sudden loud answer.

“Who-who are you?” He asked in a stutter, feeling overwhelmed by this so soon, he weren't expecting that question.

“It's not safe to talk here, come.” She grabbed his hand, and for some reason, he didn't fight her or try to get loose. He just followed.

“What am I doing?!” He said in panic but still didn't resist, barely being able to follow the rapid pace that the stranger held.

With a strong grip on his hand, she dragged him into a building, and the smell inside attacked his nose, with its horrible scent of alcohol, smokes and spicy food. With his free hand, he covered his nose and coughed, what a disgusting aroma and he felt uneasy being in there. Loud electronic music were beating in the speakers as the crowd tried to communicate with their vulgar language, one speaking louder than the person next to him, all trying to drown the music, where others embraced it on a dance floor filled with people in skimpy outfits that threw their arms up. Of everything that he had been shown, this was unexpected and disliked by himself, as he was being dragged through different scenes.

When she suddenly stopped walking, he almost tripped and fell over a tall chair, standing next to a table and another chair.

“Sit.” She almost commanded of him, and he hurried up on the seat, where she had a more elegant way of doing so.

As he was watching all that happened around him, dancing, drinking and talking, she lit a cigarette and observed him and his reaction.

“Pfft – newbie.” She chuckled and he quickly spun around to face her, but coughed loudly as he were greeted by the smoke from her cigarette.

“Excuse me?” He waved the smoke away, though it quickly came back again, caressing his face as he kept fighting it.

“You are the new one, or at least one of them.” She said and looked over the crowd.

“Who knows how many of us are out there, on the dance floor, or amongst the ones at the bar? It isn't always easy to spot us, whereto a mortals eye we're just as normal as the others next to us.” She said and had a wondered look on her face, as her perfect lips kissed the cigarette, before letting out another cloud. He quickly understood what she meant.

“I'm Nathalie Sol, you'll surely hear more of that name in your time amongst us. I'm a Guardian like you, though you are a newbie, where I have a higher prestige. You could say I'm a Senior and you're a Junior. We're going to work together you and I, so I hope you're worth it.” This was all very much information to get, though he was aware of the customs of the Shapes.

“You say your name is Miller Barker? I hope others will believe it.” She said and looked at him with a teasing smirk, and he found himself slightly offended by that, though it weren't the most creative name.

His face got all red, as he manned up to say more than a few unimportant words: “What do you mean by that? It's a perfect name!”

She gave loud laugh, and a few turned around to look, as Miller's face flushed red from being embarrassed. But by what? He wasn't sure why he felt like he did, like he had just said the stupidest thing in the world, or as if he was all naked. This wasn't a very good feeling, he figured, and blamed her laugh for it, as there were a mocking tone to it, but then she stopped and smirked.

“We're going to have to make you an identity...”

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