Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


12. His first scar

“Oh God... where am I?” Miller asked as the first thing when he felt conscious, but didn't expect an answer.

“You're in Miss Sol's home.” A deep and calm male voice said, and Miller had to think twice before talking again.

“...God?” He asked, but kept his eyes closed.

“No. I'm Miss Sol's butler, David, I'm just taking care of your wound.”

Millers eyes slowly opened, and saw the white ceiling, in a rather dark room, with only a few lamps turned on, as too bright light only would hurt his eyes. He felt warm and cozy, and figured that he was in a bed with silk covers. His right shoulder felt sore, and slowly he turned his head to look upon it, as it was covered in bandages. Despite how tired he felt, he sat up and rubbed his eyes, before looking at an older man in a tuxedo. This had to be David.

“Wha... what about... Nathalie?” It was a bit difficult for him to sit upright and talk, as he felt dizzy, and the butler packed away some bandages.

“Miss Sol is resting, and you should too-” He got interrupted as Nathalie came walking into the room, and her face lit up in joy, as she saw Miller sit up and breathe, but did her best not to run over to him.

“Miller? I thought I heard voices. It's good to see you're ali-... awake.” She said and smiled, and he mimicked her expression.

She wore nothing but a bathrobe and her hands had been bandaged, and that went for her neck too.

“Miss, you shouldn't be up. You need to rest, both of you.” David advised, but she shook her head mildly and smiled reassuring.

“No worries David, you know this isn't my first time, but it is for Miller... Can I have a talk with him... Alone?” Her voice was so soft and gentle, and with a worried sigh, David nodded and left them alone.

“So, how was your first night? Heh, pretty exciting 'eh?” She asked with a mild joke and smiled, walking from the door to the window, and pushed a bit to the curtains to look outside.

It was bright outside, and the suns light cut its way through the darkness.

“Don't worry, it doesn't always happen like this. Luckily this one was a bad shot, otherwise it would have ended worse for you...” She seemed depressed, yet optimistic. He didn't die after all.

“What about the girl? Dawn?” Miller asked, and was about to move from underneath the duvet, but noticed he was naked and quickly hid himself again.

“She's okay, we killed the intruder and got away just in time.” She went over to sit next to him, and then looked all apologetic.

“Miller I'm... I'm sorry... It's just that... when you passed out, I panicked, I didn't know what to do! And... and when we fell, the guards caught us. We were lucky that they didn't just execute us. One of the Queens spies had seen us, and demanded that we were brought to her... I felt so humiliated and scared. My phobia almost got us killed, and I have been through a lot, but never before have I been that close to dying...” She paused to take a few shaking breaths.

Miller was still surprised of how many sides he had seen of her during such a short time.

“I got so angry when I thought you were going to die... I can't stand to loose another one... God my reputation is hell... after hundred years and still-” she suddenly began sounding angry, and Miller thought that she was going to start yelling, but then she just froze, and her voice was filled with sorrow as she spoke:

“No this is not your problem, you don't have to hear me whine about this...” Silence filled the room for a short time, when she stood up.

“Just... call if you need anything, okay?” And with nothing more than that, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

Miller sat back and tried to figure out all that she just had said. It was a rather long apology, if he even wanted to see it like that, as she hadn't really done anything wrong. He looked at his shoulder and felt it with his fingers, pressing down on it a bit and winced at the smaller waves of pain he felt. Shapes healed rather quickly, as they had to do it all over the next night, so after a couple of hours he should be fresh again.

“My first scar...”

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