Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


13. Her job

As he was slowly waking up again, he could hear someone walk around in the room, and he expected to find David or Nathalie walking around, but as he laid eyes on a stranger, he gave a shocked scream and jumped out of the bed, as his instincts told him to run for it, but for some reason, he didn't, and just froze.

“You must be Mister Barker, no?” The woman asked and kept dusting off the artefacts that stood on a short wardrobe.

When Miller noticed his nudity, he grabbed the duvet and began calling for David.

“You called, Mister Barker?” The older man was rather quick for his age, and soon stood in the door opening, rather expressionless.

“Yes, uhm, who is she?” Miller carefully walked up next to David and pointed at the stranger.

“It's one of the housekeepers. Didn't Miss Sol tell you about this?” She did. She mentioned that her staff, the housekeepers, were on forced vacation for the week.

“So their vacation ended today” he mumbled.

“Uhm David, where's Miss Sol- Ah- I mean Nathalie?” Miller asked and began picking up his clothes and kept a close eye on the woman cleaning the room.

“Miss Sol left early, she had a photoshoot to get to, I can get you there if you wish?” He offered, and Miller weren't slow to say yes.

“A-After I've dressed, excuse me!”

He wasn't as amazed by the city, as last time he drove through it, as the limousine passed the many different streets, all filled with randomized people walking the scenes outside of the tinted window. No, Miller was more interested with the limousine, and everything within it. He opened the mini fridge that held many kinds of drinks and smaller candy bars. A bit further away stood a small stereo, and as he activated it, the quality of the sound was just perfect, and almost blew him back in surprise of the loudness. The electronic beats was like white noise to his ears, and he quickly turned it down again, when he noticed a button that appeared with no real sign or mark for it's use.

Even though he knew he was alone, he still carefully looked around to make sure that he truly was, before hesitantly pushing the button. “Curiosity killed the cat” Nathalie's voice said in his mind, when some of the seats in the car spun around, revealing a bright light, and then shelves full of guns, lined up after size. His eyes was wide and much interested in what he saw, and then wondered if David knew about this.

“It would be smart of you to remove it all, we're here.” David's voice then said, and gave Miller a smaller heart attack, as he jumped in his seat.

Miller was rather surprised when he walked outside and into the sun. There were so many half naked people, wearing swimsuits and bikinis, and they all had their attention focused one way, all behind him. And when he turned around, it all made sense, as he faced the bright and crowded beach.

“I brought you your sunglasses, just in case.” David said, and waved them in front of Miller's sight.

The sun was rather bright and blinding.

“Oh, thanks David.” He took them on, and his eyes relaxed.

“Say, why are we here of all places? Weren't we going to the photoshoot?” He asked and looked around, when his eye saw something he figured what was what they were here for.

“Yes, follow me.” David said and took long steps over the warm sands of the beach, towards where Nathalie was posing before a camera and lights, wearing the smallest of bikinis Miller had ever seen.

The moment she saw Miller, she asked for a pause and ran to him.

“Miller! Good to see you up and alive, and so soon.” She sounded a bit too cheery for her usual act, and kept this beautiful, but fake, smile.

“Why are you... smiling like this?” He asked and looked around as she was waving to a bunch of people with their phones out, and then suddenly turned around, pulling him along.

“Because I have a lot of fans wanting to film me, and paparazzis hidden amongst the crowd, but trust me, it's killing me.”

He glanced over his shoulder at the many cameras zooming in on them, and he snorted.

“And for how long do you have to stay like this?” He asked, irritated as they turned around again, and he too faked a smile.

“Well,” she mumbled, “we have some shots that we can first take when the sun is down, so...” She laughed a bit, but Miller didn't look all that satisfied with it.

“Just... wait?”

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