Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


8. Her acrophobia

“You know... I've never really... tried.” She said with a low, hesitant voice and he could see she suddenly got embarrassed, but he didn't have to ask her why.

“I-I'm afraid of heights, Miller...” She stuttered, and he tried to hide his surprised look, but didn't succeed. She began tangling with her hair as her face flushed red from the humiliating reveal of her fear.

“Oh...” Was all he could utter, as he stood up and looked at her.

Nathalie had seemed so perfect, so flawless, as if there was nothing that could touch her. Now, not so much. Miller still thought that way about her, the fact that she could appear so brave and self-confident, even with a phobia that were both common yet one of the worst ones, only made her even better, and possibly more human. Whether that was a compliment or not, he didn't know so he didn't say it.

“We'd better get going. I'm not sure how long we have.” She said in short and quick sentences, and tried to ignore her embarrassment as she began walking.

But it didn't fool Miller, he could see how she now shook a bit and her movements had gotten stiffer, he almost thought she'd sit down and start crying. Being open clearly weren't her thing.

But he couldn't help it, he had to try before it was too late, no matter how Nathalie would react. Though he did feel a bit unsure of how to do it, but it proved as easy as moving your feet to walk. Suddenly, Miller was flying a 3 feet above the ground, and it felt so freeing. He felt a slight blow every time his wings gave a slow flap, to keep him up and at a steady pace, as he kept behind Nathalie. It was strange to move around, without anything beneath his feet, supporting him. There were really no boundaries.

“Nathalie, I...” He stopped in the sentence, as he wasn't sure what to say, when she turned around and gave a shocked gasp, as she saw Miller hovering above with his wings beating a calm rhythm.

“Mi-Miller! Wha-at are you-!” She stuttered, having a slight fear that he'd fall and break something, but got quiet as he took her hand.

He gently landed, still holding her hand, and she watched him suspiciously.

“Don't you dare Miller, I swear I will kill you!” She threatened him, and sounded truly serious about it, but he still chuckled and laid an arm around her waist, smiling.

“You wouldn't do that.” He said confidently, and he was right, which she knew and hated.

But she was right too, this would be a cruel act, to move in on someone’s insecurity, and he let go of her, where to she gave a relieved sigh.

As they had been walking for a bit, something began appearing in the horizon, and the two of them glared at the giant wall that stood tall far ahead of them.

“Think we've reached what we were looking for?” Nathalie asked and looked at Miller, and he just nodded, remaining impressed by this persons imagination.

“Trust me, I've seen more impressive things.” Nathalie said with a smile, as she could easily read his expression.

“Uh-huh, I care to see proof first.” He said and smiled too, looking at her for only a split moment, before she turned away and looked around.

“For another time then. We need to find a quick way to the wall first...” And as she had finished her sentence, something caught her eye, and she turned back at where Miller would have been standing, but he was already floating, and she frowned upon him, unimpressed.

“No. I am not going to fly, nor am I ever even going to try.” She said with clenched teeth and all he responded with was a shrug, and watched her walk away.

“What are you doing?” He asked and followed a bit behind her, as she walked the wrong direction, but when he noticed what she was going for, he were yet again impressed.

“Is that... a unicorn?” 

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