Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


6. And so it begins

“Assistance? Wait what time is it?” He asked, but found himself alone in the room. “Nathalie?” Miller shook his head and tried to wake up, his body was finally beginning to react faster.

“It's 2 am. Come here, I have something for you!” A distant but yelling voice said, and he just stood still, as he would just end up getting lost again, but then heard Nathalie run towards the living room again.

She had changed some of her clothing, and Miller was impressed with how quickly she had managed it. She wore the same pants, but had changed the strapless shirt into a white tank top and a brown leather jacket, and she had found a pair of cowboy boots, and a pair of aviator glasses and threw him a pair too.

But these weren't normal sunglasses, when you wore them, you could see a glow around people, showing their origin. It looked like an aura. He looked at Nathalie through them, as she reloaded her gun, surrounded by a white glow. He wanted to ask what the gun was for, but it was obvious, and she gave him one as she quickly marched past him.

Down at the parking lot, Nathalie kept up the quick pace, and Miller tried too.

“Which car... is yours?” He huffed and tried to follow her rapid pace, and she gave a laugh that echoed the empty parking lot.

“Cars weigh you down.” She fished up her keys, and Miller began running towards her, as she stepped aside, in between two cars.

There stood a bulky motorbike in black, and she threw a leg around it, as she sat down on it's two-persons seat.

“You coming?” She asked with a smirk, as Miller almost dropped his jaw.

It weren't impressive or nothing, just surprising.

“What about helmets?” He asked as he hesitated to sit behind her, feeling uneasy as he had a hard grip around her.

“Helmets? Pfft please! I've done this for over a hundred years! Remember who you're talking to.” She sounded almost offended, as she started the motor and were quickly out of the parking lot, and on the road.

Her hair were trying to choke Miller, as it flew in the wind around his face and neck.

“How far?!” He yelled to her, but it took her a moment or two to reply, as there were a few cars to avoid hitting.

“What?!” She turned her head as much as she could to the left, so that he could yell her in the ear.

“How far?!” He asked again, and this time she were quick to reply:

“Just around the next corner!” And not too long after, they turned a corner, coming down a road filled with more majestic houses, that stood proud and clean, with perfectly cut grass and hedges, even the street itself was clean enough to possibly eat from.

Nathalie turned off the lights, and at the second house she stopped. Miller got off and had that wide eyed gaze and dropped jaw as always. He had been seeing so much in his first night. One thing was to know it existed, another was to actually see it.

“So what's the details?” He asked and watched Nathalie fish up her phone, where after she found the message she had received.

“Okay so, one of the nearby Sentinels noticed a girl that had been possessed as he passed by this route. It's right inside of this.” She pointed at the house, and Miller went to read the mailbox.

“M. Jackson, L. Jackson and D. Jackson...” He mumbled, and just loud enough for Nathalie to hear him.

“Yes. D. Jackson is Dawn Jackson, the girl we're looking for. Shall we?” She asked, though Miller had learned that she clearly was a leader, and didn't expect an answer before she began walking quietly.

“Hmm...” she mumbled, “there should be a window to her room from the roof.” She casually walked to the backyard, crawling over a gate, and Miller were right behind her, but hesitant in his motion, as his bad conscience began moving into his head. This was actually illegal.

A ladder stood in the backyard, leaning up against the roof as the tiles on it was clearly being exchanged for something probably more expensive and newer.

“I-I don't know about this, Nathalie...” Miller whispered as he watched her crawl up, and she gave an annoyed snort, glancing down where he stood wrapped in a white glow.

“You're such a girl, Miller. Just come on. I've done this more than a thousand times, and never gotten caught!” She proceeded up, and Miller gave the backyard a last few looks before following Nathalie.

“Yet.” He gave a late response to her last sentence, and they both then stood on the roof.

“Watch your step, the tiles are being exchanged, so some might be lose.” She whispered, an obvious warning, but heeded none the less, as Miller's steps actually went slower after she had said so.

He weren't afraid of heights or nothing, but the idea of slipping and falling to his death below in the darkness, didn't exactly encourage him to walk around on the suspicious roof. And despite who gave the warning, it was Nathalie that stepped wrongly, and fell hard to the roof. She was quick to grab on to some other tiles before gliding down.

“You okay?” Miller asked, and Nathalie gave him this dangerous look, as she seemed highly displeased and grunted her answer:

“What do you think?” Hadn't this been a critical mission, she would have sunken low enough to kick him and make him fall too.

“Just... help me up before I fall!” She commanded, and the strength in her voice made Miller forget about his own safety, as he ran to the rescue of the fallen model.

“Damsel in distress...” He whispered as he tried to help her up, and she was too close to hit him for the comment, but had to calm down and remember that he couldn't help it. She instead cursed the Genetic Field for another trait of his.

Behind the first window they found what might be the mother sleeping in her bed, and the father weren't anywhere to be seen, so this was not the right place to enter. On sneaking feet, they passed by the next window, which showed nothing but the stairs going downwards.

“Here.” Nathalie whispered, as she could just barely see the girl sleeping in her bed in the other end of the room.

The Sentinel that had passed by earlier, had done a few tricks and opened the window for them, so that they easily could crawl in. They both landed soundless and looked around in the room. The girl was bathed in a yellow glow, which was the colour of the persons that lived within the dimension. But her yellow had a bit darker tone, like orange, which only told them that she was being possessed by an intruder. Her room was rather messy, and filled with the usual posters of celebrities, magazines, a large TV and a stereo with dozens of CD's stacked next to it. Miller then noticed something glistening at a giant shelving, and he approached it with curiosity.

“You're a mix of the worst traits there is. Curiosity killed the cat you know.” Nathalie whispered as she eyed up another yellow glowing being, which was a rather large dog, sleeping at the foot of the girls bed.

“I know, it's just... She has won so many trophies...” He said, amazed by the skill of a human, as he gave them a closer look, as they shone slightly in the darkness.

“Oh? For what?” She asked and gently petted the sleeping dog, as it paid no attention to her touch.

“Cheerleading competitions.” He mumbled and saw a giant picture taken of the cheerleaders in a pose. There were rather many, and not all of them were girls, he noted.

“Come now Miller, let's do this before it's too late.” 

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