Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


7. An adventure within a dream

Miller looked at the girl as she slept. He couldn't see much in the darkness, but she had a slim and beautiful face, and perfectly full lips and what might be black hair spread across the pillow. As he admired her, Nathalie noticed it, and frowned, and gave him a smack at the side of his head.

“Ah! What was that for?!” He hissed lowly and glared at her, where she gave him just the same look back in a mix of annoyance and anger.


They touched her forehead, and chills ran down Miller's back at the touch.

“It feels so... different...” He mumbled, and Nathalie was quick with a response:

“It's because she sends another kind of energy than we do. Now focus!”

A strange feeling that he could only describe as a buzzing sensation, began making it's way from where he touched her forehead and over his body. He felt light-headed and feared that he might end up fainting, as the floor wouldn't stay still. Then something in his stomach wanted to fight it's way up, yet it remained too lazy to do so, so it just stayed, rolling around, making him nauseous.

And it didn't stop, as someone spoke his name, and shook him, only making his stomach worse.

“Miller! C'mon we're here now!”

He slowly opened up his eyes, and had to blink many times to adjust to the sudden brightness, before he could even see Nathalie, as she stood before him. But what he saw was something he never had imagined seeing, as Nathalie stood half naked before him, she only wore cloth to cover her gender, and had a pair of giant angel wings standing out from her back.

“Wha-what are you wearing Nathalie?!” He blushed and felt a warm feeling mixing itself with his nausea at the glance of the young, and beautiful woman.

She was very slim, but had perfect curves and didn't look too thin like most models. It was rather clear that her profession would be modelling.

“Huh? Have you looked at yourself?” She said, and he thought he saw the slightest blush, before looking down at himself, to see his own bare body, also only wearing a cloth covering himself.

He had a pair of wings too, just like hers, and he felt naked wearing nothing but the likes of underwear.

“Wha- Why am I wearing... This!?” He asked loudly, now feeling somewhere between highly disturbed and embarrassed.

“I don't know, not my dream. We get to wear whatever the dreamer wants us to, but we keep our physical look. Except... sometimes our gender might get changed – but not this time, so feel lucky!” She looked down upon him, as she spoke, and he noticed he was sitting on a stump of a cut down tree.

He looked around the area, which was rather empty, but still had a beautiful look to it. There must have been over a thousand stumps, like if a giant forest had been cut down, but many of them had been overrun by a fresh green moss, which had the same tone as the grass that hugged the ground, and were decorated with many flowers in every colour. The heaven was the most beautiful bright blue colour, and a dozen of different kind of birds flew around. Wild animals walked around and were grazing, some of them appeared as deer’s, but still had a bit of a fantasy twist to them, which was an extra eye, another colour or strangely formed antlers. As he turned around, he noticed he sat by a larger pond, filled with large sized fish and something that really caught his eyes.

“Mermaids?” He asked himself, and bend closer to look, as they too watched them, but kept swimming around, slightly shy near the newcomers.

“Yeah... Just be glad we aren't looking like them.” Nathalie said and hinted at their tails, which Miller agreed to, but then got another thought and smirked.

“Does this mean that we can... fly?”

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