My name is Sadie. I'm 9 years old, and I'm alone. No orphanage will take me in, nor a foster home. I'm ar orphan, and I'll die alone.

Sadie is alone. Nobody cares about her. Everybody but Lila and Smith Dickinson. Lila and Smith are a rich couple with no children. Finally, Sadie will be able to live! But is being rich all it's cracked up to be?


1. My Life, Unfolded

Dear diary,


Today I woke up on the street. Again. As usual. Life as an unwanted kid is so hard. I look in my grey, woolly hat. A couple of silver coins, and a crisp green note. I pick it up. It's a hundred dollar bill. 

Okay, it wasn't. It was just a five dollar. What was I meant to do with that? I can't buy myself a new, comfortable life with five STUPID DOLLARS. I sigh. Why was I made this way? Why can't I live a happy life like all of the people staring at me? Uh, I wish I could just run away and live in the woods. Which probrably wouldn't work, huh? No. I think I was made dumb for a reason. Well, I'm still only nine, and I haven't eaten for ages.


I'm a nine year old orphan. Used to live in Texas two years ago, parents moved to somewhere in Oklahoma. They took Fatto (Felicity), my bratty three-year-old sister with them. They left me. Did they forget, or did they just think I was too dumb to be a Ciriss girl? Whatever, they left me. Taxes came, post, I was always staring through the opaque window at every passer by. Now I live on the street. I heard Fatto got Diabetes from eating to many sweeties and the two rats who abandoned my got flattened by an articulated lorry. So sorry for them! NOT!


So, now I'm here on the street, writing in a diary, with the sun in my face, hoping, someday, somebody who cares comes to pick me up. 



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