My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


4. Tracker.

I rolled my eyes at Sadie's drooling over Alex. You can't say you don't like him too... Shh me! I rubbed at my face agitated. "Oh c'mon, like I'm that bad." Sadie grinned and winked over her shoulder. I smiled back, her enthusiasm and cheeriness will kill me one day. "Wait, Sades, how long was I asleep?" Sadie stopped in her tracks. "Sades?" She spun round, and the size of her puppy eyes, were something that could murder you slowly. "Erm, yeah, that okay? I prefer nicknames." I shrugged my shoulders as if it was nothing, but it seemed like everyhting to her. She flung herself on me. "No ones ever given me a nickname before! I can tell, we're gunna be best friends Lu- I mean Raven!" I chuckled at her correction. Sades released me and skipped to the door, I took in her appearance. Jeans, top, converse. A casual teenager, only her skin was paler than mine (something I thought was impossible) and she was by far the prettiest thing I had seen in my life. Excluding Alex... Oh shut up. I ignored my inner babble. No way was I gunna start crushing on a vampire. No way.

Sades led me down some stairs and took me back to the main office, and that's when it happened. I clutched at my left arm, as the pain swelled. I gasped, gapped, like all oxygen had been ripped from me. "Raven? Raven!" I could hear Sades calling my name, but she seemed too distant, like she was fading away. My knees buckled under my weight and I hit the floor. I didn't have the voice to complain so I let myself fall unconscious, listening to the sounds of footsteps...

* * * *

I was getting sick of waking up with no memory of what had happened. This time, however, I woke in the main office, with a paniced Sades by my side. She was biting her nails, and whimpering to herself. I sighed and sat up, bracing myself for the hug. Nevertheless, an over enthusiastic Sades latched onto me. "Oh Raven! Your awake!" I noticed the fact she didn't say I was okay, but then, I never was to start with.

"Yeah, yeah. What happened?" I pried myself out of Sades grasp and faced her head on. She took a deep breath before explaining; "Well, earlier when you had been knocked out for the tracker, you were asleep ages, oh! I didn't answer your earlier question did I? You were asleep all day, good thing, it'll get you used to the night classes." Night classes? "Anyway, we came down here to the office so I could get your timetable for tonight, and well, I guess your one of those few who like to resist the tracker." Tracker? Hang on, what? "Sades, what you mean, night classes? And a tracker? Where?" I'd been told a tracker was a vampire that hunted you down. Much like those hunting dogs, I shivered. "Well, being us, what we are, we'll be attending night classes, thats the norm at the Mourn. Hey! That rhymes!" Her excitement is brutal. "Oh, and the tracker thingie? Yeah, it's not what you think, it's not the vamp one. It's that, in your arm." She prodded a large red lump that had risen on my left arm.

"Ow!" I tugged my arm to safety.

"Sorry!" Sades went back to biting her nails. "Y'know... Alexndria wants to see you..." See me? The vamp that inserted this thing into me? "Oh yeah, her." Sades pulled a face.

"Being high vampire at this school, what she says goes. Good luck roomie." I was not going to like this.


Alexandria appeared as she had before, but now in a shimmering tight red dress, the hem of which only just reached her knees. Her heels clicked on the stone floor as she headed towards us. "Leave Sadie Mockton." Sades bowed her head and gave me an unconvincing smile before retreating. Just her tone made me scared.  But I could trust the head vamp... Right? "Again, I must ask you to follow me... Raven." Why she always seemed reluctant to say my name. Alexandria slinked as she walked, swaying her hips. It was slightly off putting to follow her, but with a beauty as hers, I guess she could get away with it. She made me walj through corridors and corridors, pass many rooms on both sides. We passed some students on the way and some teachers as we went in deeper, until there was no one around, and a single large door stood before us. Alexandria knocked lightly. I grunt came from behind the door. "It's important Will." Alexandria's words were barely a whisper, I guess a vampire sat behind the door.

"Fine." A male. Was Alexandria really the head of things? The door opened and I sheepishly followed her through. She left me standing alone, I felt the wind genertaed by the door swinging shut, I was trapped. Alexadria sat on a chair, one of many that surrounded the large oak table. One chair, at the very head, had its back to me. I felt like a toy, on show for offers. The chair spun round slowly and I had a massive urge to say 'we've been expecting you'. I buried that thought. The vampire, or so I thought, on the chair looked maybe only a year older than me, a student? Was he one of us? No, he seemed far too important for that. He sat weirdly in his chair, his feet on its seat and his knees reaching his chest. He smiled as I took in his appearance. "Not what you expected?" His eyes widened alot like Sades, but these eyes were pure black. I found myself getting lost in their dept. I chuckled. And Will's eyes moved to the cake on the far side of the table. "Could you bring that please Raven?" I glanced at the cake slice, and then back to Will. He nodded at the cake, but his eyes didn't leave mine. I shuffled around a mess of chairs and picked up the cake. I came to Will's side and he looked up at me through his dark black hair. It was spikey, and messy, and of all different lengths. But there was something about it that made me want to run my hands through it. No! Okay, so me was right for once. I took in his attire, a simple black shirt, and jeans. Skinny jeans. Really? His blemish free, pale skin seemed to glow as he smiled. "Ah, thankyou." He took the cake and lifted a spoon from his pocket. He took a large spoonful and between chomps, talked to me absently. "So-" he gulped and took another spoonful "- you resisted your tracker did you?" His eyes bore into me.

"I-I guess, sir." It felt wrong calling him that, what with his apparent age.

"Call me Will, now, let me see." He grabed my arm without thought and examined the lump, he too prodded it.

"Ow." I muttered under my breath.

"That hurts." It wasnt a question, but I answered anyway.

"Yes." I said through gritted teeth. He released me and I nearly fell over.

"Interesting." Interesting? Really? Who was this guy?! I rubbed my sore arm. So they were tracking their students. That's against law isn't it? "Remove it." Alexandria looked at him with shock.


"No more Alexandria. Remove it. Now." He looked over at her whilst he ate. "Cake?" He offered the plate to me. I shook my head. "Oh go on, here." He removed the strawberry that sat as dressing. And he placed in my open palm. "There, I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" He was reffuring to the trackers, but, they knew didnt they? Or was he meaning his existance. "You hit the nail on the head there." I looked back at him. "Yeah, me." He smiled up at me. "Please?" I nodded.

"Yes, I promise." His smiled widened.

"I like this one. She's different. I want her involved." Ivolved? So much mystery, it was making my head hurt. Alexandria kicked her chair back adn rose to slam her hands on the table. Will casually reached out and steadied the coffee that sat in a cup on a saucer. Where did that come from? "No Will! I object! She's not even anything!" Will's brows furrowed and it made him look even younger. Cuter... No. "Everyone's something Aliexandria." She frowned.

"I want no say in this. In her." Will sighed. Loudly.

"Fine." Alexandria's jaw dropped.

"Wait! Will, you mean, you chose her, over me?!" Will added sugar to the coffee, way too many for comfort. "I guess so." Alexandria stormed out. "Hmm." Will sipped the tea. "I think I need to talk to her. Yes. That would be wise." He clamered out of the seat, and appeared only slightly taller than me. He shoved his hands in his pockets and slumped over. "I cannot wait for our next meeting, Raven. Please excuse me." He turned his back on me and walked away. He dragged his feet as he walked, and never straightened his back. He was slow... for a vampire, if that's really what he was. He stopped before the door and clicked his fingers. A hand grabbed my sore left arm. "Please remove it Alex." Alex? I looked over at him and he smiled down, his blue eyes dancing. His dark brown hair perfectly placed. "So... Your a student who works?" Will chuckled.

"Everyone needs a job, dear Luce." Then he was gone. How did he know me? Who was he... Really?


With the tracker removed from my arm, I had time to actually admire this 'dreamy' Alex. He was beautiful. He was also a vampire. And that is what made me cautious of him. Alex moved a lonely hair out of my eyes. "Did I hurt you Luce?" I shook my head.

"Please, Alex, call me Raven." He chuckled. A crooked smile appearing on his face.

"An allias? That could save you from the Demons, but not from me..." He lost all confidence.

"Don't hurt me." He looked deep into my soul.

"I would never dream of doing so... Raven." He turned on his heel, aware he'd said too much. So I was safe from Alex, had some sort of grudge from Alexandria, met someone who doesn't exist, and lost my tracker... But, who, or what, was the Demons?

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