My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


2. Newbie.

Okay, so I was aware it was almost two in the morning, but us supernaturals, we are the most nocturnal. I was getting a vibe, most of the population at this school were vampires. With exceptions, i,e, myself. The beautiful woman that stood before me flashed a pearly white smile. Her fangs drawn, adding a menacing twist to her beauty. "Why hello... Luce Carline, of the Pettifer Coven. Am I right?" I nodded. She was close enough, before my dad married my mother, I was a Pettifer. And seen as my mother was a vampire, that was her coven. I guess she was close enough to relate me to them. She retracted her fangs. I messed with the handle of my suitcase. "I prefer to be called Raven." As if to support my long term nickname, a lock of my dark raven hair fell into view. The woman tilited her head slightly, and smiled a non-fang smile. "What a coincidence, being our newist member of Ravenwood Manor." She looked down and smirked at her remark. "And you can call me Alexandria." I nodded and shifted the stray hair. "This way... Raven."

I hauled the suitcase along with me and waved an awkward goodbye to my driver. "Where are we going?" I asked cautiously, scared I'd evoke the vampire. "To have you checked over." I didnt really understand what she meant, and I felt a rush of white coat syndrome as a viewed the steel surgical opperating desk before me. I lost grip of my bad and felt a cold hand rip my jacket from my back, i turned only to find shadows and then felt the tug of a harsh hand and I stumbled towards the desk and fell, I cringed at the sharp pain I felt, but fought as a capable pair of hands restrained my hands and legs. "Hey!" I thrashed, but the leather straps were far too thick to snap. I sent my head back and turned to my left. Alexandria pulled on a pair of disposable rubber gloves. They snapped as she tugged them to their tightest. I thrashed again as she picked up a large needle. What was going on? This is inhumane! I screamed as she tested the syringe, sending driplets of the liquid onto the floor. A hand clasped over my mouth. "Can't I compell her to sleep? Something, anything? Alexandria!" A males voice rose from the shadows, he seemed fairly close and could only guess he was the one restraining me. I mumbled an agreement against his hand. I looked over at Alexandria wide eyed, and then back to the darkness. The boy from the campus appeared in my view. His eyes a fierce blue now. "Shh Raven. He lifted his hand and his eyes melted into a darkness, the blackest shadows. He was about to compell me, I felt my eyelids droop. I made my voice work. "T-thank... Y-you...." And then I was gone.


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