My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


8. Kiss me.

Will was chuckling, a cute smile plastered over his pale skin. "You find this funny?" I marched up to him.

"You think I'd say Alex kissed you? Think of the attention. You don't like attention." He was right. Again. He knew almost everything about me. Or did he? I hoped not. "How do you know so much about me? We've never even met before." He held up his index finger and shook it before my eyes.


"What?" I felt the creased pressure of confusion on my face.

"We've met... 3 times now." He smiled. Playful and childlike as before. He got enjoyment out of this. I sighed. He was too logical to argue with, so I gave in. "Well, at least your happy now." I walked out the back doors of the canteen, aware of the eyes of my friends and the random strangers also. I pushed through the doors and breathed in the sharp night air. It's cold temperature pierced my lungs. I sat under the leaves of a willow tree, on the frozen ground and let my head rest on my knees, now buried up to my chest. "Happy now? I don't understand." Will crept from the shadows. The innocence of a child in his face. No playful hint here. He looked shallow and sleepy. He came and sat beside me on the ground. His legs in a knot as usual. I folded my legs, close enough to his. Our knees brushed. "You seemed... So sad earlier. Was it because you left me to die?" Well that escalated quickly. I meantally kicked myself. You have to work it in Luce! Not come right out and say it! Will's face darkened. "There are some things... We are meant to do." His black eyes bore into me, as their gaze locked with mine. At least their whites remained. A flash of his earlier eyes hit me and I shook my head. A sniffle. I looked up to see a tear on Will's cheek. "Do I scare you Luce? Am I... Scary?" His eyes deepened and the once soft and gentle Will left to leave me with a dark one. He was far too inquisitive for my liking. I pushed his chest as he came closer. "Answer me!" My back hit the ground. I dared to look back into his eyes. The dark black returned, leaking across the white, soon they'd be complete. "Answer me! Answer me! Answer me!" Thunder crackled over head. It was too much like a nightmare. "No Will please! No! Your not scary!" He blinked, the black returning to its former place, the white visible, the thunder silenced. He pulled his legs up, but watched me. Always watching me. "What are you?"

"Will! Don't ignore me!" I shook his shoulder, I felt the muscles under his slim white shirt tense at my touch. "Call me Felix... Luce." He winked. Fuck these mood swings! A creepy, cute sort of smile danced on his lips. "Hehe, you don't like that. Pity. You should really look after your name more, the... Demons... They'll.... Get you. Raven. Raven, Raven, Raven. That's your name. Raven." He starte rocking back and fourth. He was worrying me now. This creepy talk, and actions. The mood swings. What was he? Was this how he was always? "Stay away. Stay away! Leave her alone. Leave!" He started mumuring before shouting out into the silent night. I scanned the grounds, no one was present. Who was he yelling at? He pulled me into his embrace.. The familliarity, warmth, love... I felt in his arms... That feeling to run my hands in his hair... No! What is wrong with me!? "They won't take you. I promise. I promise Luce, I promise. I won't let anyone hurt you. Never again, never again." His pale hands slipped around my waist and twisted me to face him. One hand trailed up the curves of my body, making me shiver with delight(no!) to cup my face. "Never again, I promise. Never again." What the hell? Then it all froze. He stopped rocking, his creepy phase disappeared, and Will returned. The Will I knew, and loved. No. Just no.

His breath caught in his throat, as reality sunk back in. "What? How? Why?" His hands became symetrical beside my cheeks. Cupping them. "You remember?" A smile widening across his face. My brows furrowed. "Remember? Will, what are you on about? Are you back? Your scaring me now." Now he was scaring me. He licked his lips, murmuring into their soft, red... NO! Shut up Raven! "I guess not..." He looked back into my eyes, and I found myself locked there again. He leaned in. No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Will no! And his lips hit mine. Softly. Gently. I felt mine part and he deepened the kiss. My breath started to quicken and I pushed him away. "Will... Wha- wh-wa?" I couldn't breathe. It was such a simple kiss, but so intense at the same time. Will looked down. "I'm so sorry." He looked up at me, and then a little further. His face hardening at what he saw. I looked behind me to see Alex trudging down the path. I looked back to where Will had been sat. Gone. Vanished. This was making no sense.

I scrambled in the dirt to reach a stable standing position. When I was certain I wouldn't fall over, I ran towards Alex. He caught me as I tripped clumsily, over my own feet. "Woah there girl." I could hear the smile in his voice. For a vampire, Alex was real nice. "A- Al-ex." I beamed at him. Although vampires made no sense, he made more sense than all of Will put together. Alex's arms wrapped around my waist and sent me up into the air, if only a few inches off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck and burrowed against him. He was cold, but I shook the rising shiver away. He slowly let my feet regain contact with the ground. He tightened his grip, and I didn't loose mine. It felt right to be in the arms of someone who made sense. Eventually I forced myself to pull back. But Alex pulled me back again, his lips tracing the line of my jaw, to my ear. "I never thought you'd be so happy to see me." It was a whisper, one only I could hear. Not like anyone else was around to hear it. Flash backs of the night we'd kissed, the night he'd almost lost control over my blood. The night I ruined my week streak free of blood. Well I was on a roll again. "You haven't fed have you?" I bit my lip, but I refrained. It was too coinciental that I did it again. "Nope." He sighed.

"Don't make it happen again Raven." I sighed this time.

"I don't want to Alex." He started to argue, but stopped.

"Be careful beautiful." Urgh. His hands slipped down a little lower, to cup my bum. It forced me closer to his lips. Now don't get me wrong. He was god damn beautiful. But he was still a vampire. I wriggled out of his grasp, but he caught my face. "Shh." I hadn't said anything. His lips caressed mine, this was getting too much for one night. Alex was just leaning closer, when the bell rang, and lessons started again.


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